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17 April 2024

Dive into IAB Europe's Q1 2024 Committee Highlights & Discover What's Coming Up!

Spring has sprung and we're delighted to share a round-up of some of the great work we have achieved in our wonderful committees so far this year. We also share upcoming committee work and the opportunities available for our National IABs and Corporate members to get involved in.

A huge thank you to everyone involved, for your hard work, support, and continued commitment to sharing your expertise. 

If you are a member of IAB Europe and would like to join any of our committees, or are interested in membership, please reach out to the team -

Brand Advertising Committee

The main objective of this committee is to help drive investment in Digital Advertising by producing guides, events and best practices on established and emerging channels and formats.

Q1 Highlights include:

Upcoming opportunities include:

  • New Generative AI Working Group - the first meeting took place this month. The mission is to empower stakeholders across the digital advertising ecosystem with the knowledge, resources, and support necessary to navigate the evolving landscape. IAB Europe’s Sustainability Manager & Data Analyst Dimtris Beis will be leading this work.
  • This month we will start work on updating the Guide to CTV. The guide first published back in 2020 was updated in 2023. Given the speed of developments in this area, the committee will begin work on the latest version. IABs are invited to join the project. 
  • After the release of IAB Europe’s Guide to Quality, the committee is now running a series of webinars to discuss the different components of quality from ad fraud to viewability. The first webinar took place this month and was an introduction to the guide and quality. The recording can be found here. The next webinar will take place on the 30th April and will have experts discussing identifying and tackling ad fraud across digital advertising channels. Register here to join the session. 

If you are interested in finding out more and/or would like to join the Committee please reach out to Helen - 

Programmatic Trading Committee 

This committee is all about increasing understanding of the programmatic ecosystem and the impact it has on digital advertising.

Q1 Highlights include:

Coming up you can get involved in: 

  • Post Third Party Cookie Working Group - This group meets bi-weekly. IAB Europe members, National IABs, and their members are invited to join. The main focus is on producing an alternative solutions matrix / playbook as well as a series of spotlight presentations from members on alternative solutions.
  • The committee will be hosting its H1 edition of the Virtual Programmatic Day on June 6th! Register here to secure your spot. 
  • Programmatic Perspectives - the committee is releasing a new blog and podcast series interviewing committee members on different programming topics. If you would like to take part, please message Helen. 

If you are interested in finding out more and/or would like to join the Committee please reach out to Helen - 

Retail Media Committee

Our Retail Media Committee has been busy working on a number of initiatives to help educate and advance the Retail Media landscape. The development of Retail Media Standards has been a priority. Following the end of the public comment period, V1 of the Retail Media Measurement Standards will be published next week. The team is also working in collaboration with IAB US on the development of creative ad format standards for Retail Media. 

Other Q1 Highlights (all can be found in our Retail Media Hub here alongside many more resources):

What’s coming up:

  • Publication of V1 of the Retail Media Measurement Standards for Europe
  • Publication of the Creative Ad Formats Standards in Collaboration with IAB US
  • The Great Debate hybrid event hosted live from Amsterdam. Find out more and sign up here.
  • Updated 101 Guide and pan-European Retail Media definitions (see V1 here)
  • Guide to Omnichannel Retail Media
  • More Q&A blogs with our members

Retail Media Committee Lead and contact: Marie-Clare - 

Sustainability Standards Committee

The committee continues to drive its efforts in educating and helping the industry reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the delivery of digital advertising. 

Q1 Highlights (which can also be found on our Sustainability Hub) include:

What’s coming up in Q2:

  • Glossary of Key Terms - Sustainable Digital Advertising
  • Continued input into the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) framework  
  • More Monthly Seed Packet Content to provide latest research and considerations on key topics to help inform and encourage discussions on sustainability 
  • Calculating advertised emissions across Europe
  • Continue to follow the regulatory landscape and provide updates to members

If you are interested in finding out more and/or would like to join the committee please reach out to Lauren - 

TCF & Privacy

The TCF instances focus on developing and revising the Transparency & Consent Framework in line with the most recent case law, EU-level guidance and national level DPA guidance to provide improved legal certainty to its implementers while preserving flexibility. Below are the main developments relating to TCF since January 2024:

  • January 15th: The TCF Policies Working Group (WG) introduced new ‘stacks' and revised the user-friendly text of Purpose 6 in a new version of the TCF Policies here
  • January 18th: The TCF DPA Outreach WG elaborated a response to the EDPB Public consultation on their draft guidelines 2/2023 here
  • February 14th: The Framework Signal WG expanded the information provided in the Global CMP list to indicate the environments where each CMP has been certified (web, mobile and CTV) here
  • March 7th: CJEU ruling clarifies limited role of IAB Europe in TCF in connection with IAB Europe’s appeal of the February 2022 decision by the Belgian Data Protection Authority (APD) here.
  • March 29th: The TCF DPA Outreach WG developed a letter to the EDPB on the ‘Consent or Pay’ model here. IAB Europe subsequently published a blogpost here.
  • April 1st: Publication of six additional translations to extend usability of the TCF here.

If you are interested in finding out more and/or would like to join the TCF working groups please reach out to Ninon - 

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee continues to engage with members on the policy and regulatory landscape, acting as the liaison with policymakers in Q1 2024 regarding various files, including the DSA, the Cookie Pledge initiative, GDPR procedural regulation, and EDPB soft law.

The Q1 Highlights include:

If you are interested in finding out more and/or would like to join the Policy Committee, please contact Ines at

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