CMP Vendor Notifications

All notifications that relate to changes to the Policy and Technical Specifications of IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) are listed below.
Note: notifications have been sent to CMPs and Vendors who listed as registered at the date of communication.
CMP Validator - TCF v2.0 released10th March 2020Download PDF
TCF v2.0 Launch to market – timeline, February 2020 update12th February 2020Download PDF
Publication of TCF v2.0 Language Translations06th February 2020Download PDF
Priority Update: TCF V2.0 Registration27th January 2020Download PDF
Compliance Certification Enforcement Update - TCF v1.114th January 2020Download PDF
Compliance Certification Update - TCF v1.123rd December 2019Download PDF
Technical Specification Update TCF v1.1 & v2.0 December 201911th December 2019Download PDF
Compliance of “live installations” - TCF v1.122nd November 2019Download PDF
Compliance Certification Oct Update - TCF v1.11st October 2019Download PDF
Compliance Certification Extended September 30th - TCF v1.118th September 2019Download PDF
Blog post: TCF Validator & Compliance Update13th September 2019Download PDF
Notification of the TCF v2.0 CMP & Vendor Information webinar29th August 2019Download PDF
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