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Interact 2024 in Milan!

Our annual flagship conference ‘Interact’ weclomed industry leaders from across Europe and beyond on the 21st - 22nd of May 2024 in Milan!

Watch the Interact 2024 Highlights Reel Here.

Set against the backdrop of the vibrant city of Milan, this two-day conference brought together industry leaders, innovators, and experts to answer the big questions needed to shape the future of the digital advertising and marketing industry. 

Going beyond those standard keynote presentations and panel discussions, we brought the ‘interactive’ back to Interact this year, with each session framed around a key question that our elite, expert speakers endeavoured to answer. No beating around the bush. It was all about the smart answers that you’re after. Plus we addressed additional questions live on stage through our engaging polls and audience Q&As. 

From the demise of third-party cookies and Retail Media to sustainability, policy, measurement, and more, we had the smart, sharp answers to our industry's biggest questions of today.  

The big questions included:

  • Are sustainability strategies delivering across the value chain?
  • Is the industry ready for the end of third-party cookies?
  • Where is the business value of AI for digital advertising?
  • Is TV programmatic buying finally going mainstream?
  • After the hype, is it time for a reckoning for retail media?
  • In "polycrisis" times, what outcomes should digital advertising be delivering?
  • How can publishers reinvent their digital advertising business?
  • What do buyers really want from digital advertising?
  • Where is future digital advertising growth coming from?
  • What comes next for digital advertising regulation?

If you haven’t been to Interact before and want to know what all the hype is about, why not check out our Interact 2023 wrap blog post here and keep your eyes peeled for the 2024 wrap-up coming soon? It’s full of event highlights, videos, and more to give you a sneak peek into what you can expect for Interact 2025.

Sponsorship opportunities - If you’d like to partner with us for Interact 2025, get in touch to share your interest! .

If you would like more information on Interact 2024 and the sponsorship opportunities for Interact 2025 please reach out to

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