TCF Governance founding principles are upheld by the following:

The TCF Governance Board is responsible for holding all TCF instances to account and ensuring that the correct process (s) was followed by the TCF Steering Group and the Managing Organisation (IAB Europe) in the development of outcomes that align with the strategic objectives. The TCF Governance Board has 15 seats, nominated from Steering Group membership, and up to 8 observer seats occupied by National IABs and EU industry organisations. The Board meets 4 times/year. Members of the Board are listed here. TCF Governance papers are listed here.

The TCF Steering Group was created as an advisory group, holding IAB Europe as the managing organisation (MO) of the TCF, to account for the delivery of policies that will adhere to GDPR requirements. Chair: Thomas Mendrina (Xandr) and Vice-Chairs: Kate Teh (The Telegraph) & Benoit Oberlé (Sirdata).

The TCF Steering Group currently includes the following working groups (WG): 

  • Framework Policy Working Group – mandated to write and revise the TCF Policy. Chair: Christoph, Zippel (RTL Group) and Vice-Chair: Matthias Matthiesen (Qauntcast).  
  • Data Processing Purposes Working Group – mandated to write and revise the TCF Data Processing Purposes included in the TCF Policy 
  • DPA Outreach Working Group – mandated to raise awareness and understanding of the TCF to Data Protection Authorities across Europe and in the UK. Chair: Kimon Zorbas (Nielsen) and Vice-Chairs: Thomas Adhumeau (S4M) & Paula Ortiz (IAB Spain).  
  • Framework Signals Working Group – mandated to help registered CMPs and Vendors comply with the TCF Policy and the TCF Technical specifications. Chair: Casey Hill (OneTrust).
  • Communications Working Group – mandated to leverage the TCF to external audiences to ensure understanding and market adoption. 

If you would like to join the Steering Group, please contact Colombe Michaud at

IAB Europe and IAB Tech Lab collaborate on the TCF on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). IAB Tech Lab is tasked with the maintenance and iteration of the technical specifications that underpin the TCF, with the support of the following groups: 

  • GDPR Commit Group – mandated with governing the technical specifications in the Framework.
  • GDPR Technical Working Group – mission is to share information on GDPR/ePrivacy and engage technical leaders in contributing to related solutions.

If you would like to join the IAB Tech Lab Working Group, please contact

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