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Retail Media in Europe

Retail Media is no longer an emerging channel but rather touted as the third wave of advertising. Already, more than 90% of advertisers are partnering with retailers to reach ideal consumers and IAB Europe forecasts that online retail media ad spend will exceed linear TV ad spend to reach €25bn by 2027.

What is Retail Media?

Retail Media refers to the digital advertising space, data assets and in-store opportunities a retailer or marketplace owns, which is then made available to brands for the execution of advertising campaigns. Campaign goals include (but are not limited to) brand awareness, driving sales and new product discovery.

Retail Media includes an increasing range of digital opportunities which can be segmented into Off-Site, On-Site and In-Store environments. Retail Media also includes the targeting, optimisation and measurement elements of digital campaigns.

For further detail on Off-Site, On-Site and In-Store, access IAB Europe’s definitions one-pager here:

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Key European Retail Media Stats

Retail Media Ad Spend to Reach €25bn EUR by 2027
In 2024, Retail Media Advertising is expected to grow by 47%*
70% of buyers cite the lack of retail media standards to be a barrier
*Retail Media outside of Amazon

IAB Europe’s Retail Media Committee

The Retail Media Committee is a multi-stakeholder group which aims to increase understanding of the retail media advertising ecosystem, enable cross-stakeholder initiatives and develop standards, particularly in the area of metrics and measurement, so that retail media advertising in Europe can thrive.

Industry Education & Definitions

Standardisation & Guidelines

Market Intelligence

Thought-Leadership & Networking

Get Involved

Join IAB Europe’s Retail Media Committee, the only place dedicated to advancing Retail Media in Europe. If you’re a retailer or leading Retail Media businesses, get involved to help shape the future. The Committee meets once a month usually via a virtual conference call. 

To find out more about how you can join and get involved in the committee's work please contact IAB Europe’s Marketing & Insights Director, Marie-Clare - puffett [at[ or follow the link below to enquire.
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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

IAB Europe is working with leading retailers and Retail Media businesses in Europe. Here is what some of them have to say…
  • Ben O'Mahoney

    AdTech & Data Partnerships Lead, Ocado Retail commented on joining IAB Europe

    “Ocado Retail is a member of IAB Europe’s Retail Media Working Group. As a member we have the opportunity to drive growth and shape the future landscape of this sector via the creation of definitions and standards, as well as providing key market education. IAB Europe is crucial to developing Retail Media as a credible media channel for advertising buyers and we are excited to be a part of this journey.”
  • Jason Wescott

    Global Head of Commerce Solutions, GroupM Nexus

    “GroupM Nexus brings together nine thousand practitioners globally across the digital ads landscape to deliver industry leading performance media for many of the world’s most respected global brands. From this position, access to the wealth of resources granted through our IAB Europe membership is invaluable, empowering our teams with comprehensive research reports, astute guides, and robust insights.

    Our vast media buying footprint implies a level of responsibility to the industry, and helping to improve it remains a priority. Membership ensures we can contribute meaningfully to industry discussions and collaborate with the IAB’s broad network of experts on publications that span all digital channels. Contributing to IAB Europe’s 101 Retail Media Guide was a personal highlight for me in 2023, and I look forward to continuing contributions through 2024 and beyond.”

Key Members & Partners


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