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Legal Committee

Legal Committee

The Legal Committee brings together legal experts to help member companies and National IABs understand and assess the impact of EU legislation, European Court of Justice (CJEU) rulings and enforcement by Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) as they pertain to digital advertising. It works to develop agreed interpretations of the law and compliance guidance to the market on key issues such as definition of consent, legitimate interest, pseudonymization, verification for access requests and other data subject rights, that can be promoted with key external stakeholders, including EU and local regulators, advertisers and consumer associations. The Legal Committee is also involved in the preparation of IAB Europe responses and comments to EDPB and national guidelines, and other policy documents.

While the Legal Committee is mainly involved in supporting the GDPR and ePrivacy advocacy work carried out by the Policy Committee, it can be enlisted to provide legal analysis for any IAB Europe Committee, Working Group or Taskforce, when those groups require assistance in the comprehension or interpretation of legal texts or jurisprudence. This process is carried out by enlisting individual Legal Committee members to draft opinions that are then peer-reviewed by other Legal Committee members before being sent back to the referring instances. In addition, the Legal Committee plays a role in identifying relevant areas for legal training within IAB Europe’s legal and compliance training programme, geared towards helping professionals navigate EU privacy and data protection rules as they apply to digital advertising.

Interested in joining the Legal Committee?

For more information on the Legal Committee please contact:
Ninon Vagner (vagner [at] 

IAB Europe
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