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About Us

Brand Advertising Committee

The Brand Advertising Committee’s mission is to drive brand investment into digital by providing Brand Advertisers with a reliable and trusted Brand Advertising Framework for the converging digital and traditional media environment. The Framework is composed of a set of initiatives designed to be compatible with global programmes.

Committee Focus for 2019
The committee’s focus for 2019 is in the following key areas:

  • Quality in Digital Advertising – explore and educate on the different components of digital advertising quality and some of the challenges which stakeholders are currently facing. 
  • Ad Blocking (see Policy Committee)
  • Digital Measurement – our Effectiveness Measurement Framework initiative aims to provide clarity and transparency on the digital advertising measurement landscape.  The objective is to enhance understanding of the research methodologies and products available, as well as the key measurement challenges and expectations on the buy-side.
  • Ad Formats – educate the market on new ad format standards and recommendations developed such as the New Ad Portfolio, Coalition for Better Ads standards.
  • Native Advertising and Content Marketing – highlight good practice via case studies and elevate understanding via thought-leadership content in blogs and webinars.

Committee Chair and Vice-Chair

Chair: Karim Attia, BVDW / IAB Germany
Vice-Chair: TBC

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