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TCF for CMPs

Consent Management Platform (CMP) is a company or organisation that centralises and manages transparency for the consent and objection of the users of a website. The CMP can read and update the legal basis of a company that participates in the delivery of digital advertising (commonly referred to as a vendor) within a publisher’s website, app, or other digital content. Vendors declare their legal basis and purpose for accessing a user’s device or browser, or processing their personal data in the Global Vendor List (GVL).

The CMP specifically performs the following:

· Provides users with transparency into the vendors that a publisher has chosen to work with;
· Provides transparency into the purposes and legal basis that a vendor wishes to leverage – the names and descriptions of purposes and features can be found here (TCF v1.1 Policy) for TCF v1.1 and here (TCF v2.0 Policy) for TCF v2.0
· Store a user’s consent signals, for example a third-party cookie, in the user’s browser and make consent information available to vendors in the Consent String for TCF v1.1 and the TC String for TCF v2.0;
· Ensure that consent for a purpose applies only to the vendors that have declared, via the GVL, that they use data for that purpose;

CMP Validator

The IAB Europe CMP Validator (Validator) was developed by IAB Europe to test that the technical operation of a CMP is compliant with the TCF Technical Specification and compliant with Policy.

All CMPs who register with the TCF are required to take and pass the Validator test before they can be issued with a CMP ID that allows them to set a TCF Consent String (TCF v1.1) or TC String (TCF v2.0). The Validator has been published to the Chrome Web Store in private mode and is only available to CMPs who register with the TCF, or publishers running an IAB TCF registered CMP.

To request access to the Validator, please send an email from your organisation’s domain to: Note: A Gmail account is required to use the tool so please tell us your Gmail email address

Click HERE to read the Implementation Guidance.


TCF Resources
· Explanatory Deck 
· Explanatory Video 
· Training Video 

TCF v1.1

· TCF v1.1 FAQs 
· TCF v1.1 purpose translations
· List of registered TCF v1.1 CMPs

TCF v2.0

TCF v2.0 purposes translations
(Available after September 3rd)
List of registered TCF v2.0 CMPs
(Available after Registration occurs)
TCF v2.0 FAQs

Technical specifications

TCF v1.1
Consent Management Platform API
Transparency and Consent String with Global Vendor List format
Mobile InApp
TCF Implementation Guidelines:
Terms & Conditions

TCF v2.0
Consent Management Platform API 
Transparency and Consent String with Global Vendor List format
TCF Implementation Guidelines
Terms & Conditions 


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