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26 March 2024

IAB Europe Submits Annual Report on Combatting Disinformation

IAB Europe has submitted its annual report for the Code of Practice on Disinformation (CoP)

The report from IAB Europe highlights the Association's dedication to combating disinformation, stressing the vital need for the digital ecosystem to provide reliable information to foster confidence and improve overall digital health. Access to truthful information is pivotal for instilling trust in the digital space, benefiting users and the ecosystem alike.

Since its inception, IAB Europe has recognised the multifaceted challenges of tackling disinformation and its significance for the overall health of the digital landscape. As original signatories of the Code in 2018, both the Association and some of its members have been steadfast advocates for promoting reliable information dissemination and fostering collaboration within the digital ecosystem.

Following the signing of the 2022 CoP, IAB Europe has actively participated in the post-signing activities of the Taskforce Group. The Association's involvement in crucial subgroups such as Ad Scrutiny, Monitoring and Reporting, and Outreach and Integration reflects its dedication to representing the viewpoints of the digital advertising ecosystem.

On October 24, 2023, IAB Europe organised a pivotal event titled ‘IAB Europe’s European Elections: Rights and Risks in the Digital Public Space.’ This event provided a platform for stakeholders to delve into the complexities of the digital public space, with a particular focus on disinformation and media literacy. Distinguished panellists, including representatives from, GroupM, and the EEAS, engaged in insightful discussions on combatting disinformation and supporting quality media.

Within its annual report, IAB Europe reaffirms its commitment to educating the industry on the significance of the Code of Practice and its commitments. The Association continues to advocate for actions that uphold the integrity of digital information and ensure accessibility to accurate viewpoints for all citizens.

For further details on the annual report and IAB Europe's initiatives, you can access the reporting information in the Transparency Centre here and IAB Europe’s report here

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