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23 April 2024

Meet the Interact 2024 Speaker - A Q&A with Paul-Antoine Strullu, Head of EMEA at Scope3

IAB Europe’s flagship event Interact 2024 is heading to Milan on 21st - 22nd May. In partnership with IAB Italy, the conference promises to deliver an engaging experience with industry leaders gathering to tackle the industry’s most critical challenges and innovative opportunities head-on. 

With a central theme of ‘The Big Questions. The Sharp Answers.’ we're putting the interactive back into Interact, with every session revolving around a key question that industry leaders from across Europe will answer live on stage. We will tackle everything from Privacy, Policy, and Digital Ad investment to CTV, Retail Media, Sustainability, and more. 

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As we get ever closer to the event, we are excited to introduce you to more of our great speakers, who share what they are most looking forward to and give a little insight into what they will be diving into on the day. 

We are pleased to introduce:

Paul-Antoine Strullu, Head of EMEA at Scope 3

Q. We’re excited to have you join us on the Interact 2024 stage. Is this your first time at Interact and what are you looking forward to most?

“It is my first time! Although, it's an event I’ve been following for a long time – particularly in regards to the important work IAB Europe has done, and continues to do, around privacy and regulation. But, with sustainability now a core focus across advertising, it was clear Scope3 needed to play a physical role at Interact this year. With announcements regarding sustainability standards and frameworks planned in June, the stage is set for sustainability to be widely discussed at Interact. I’m looking forward to discussing what the industry can expect and how advertisers can best prepare.” 

Q. Can you tell us more about your role at Scope3 and what you are prioritising this year?

“I lead the European team at Scope3. My recent priority has been recruiting talent to help us on our journey to decarbonise the advertising industry, looking for people who have experience in the space, but also are determined to make a change in the world. Similarly, I've been recruiting customers who also want to make an impact. It’s been positive to see that more and more companies are looking for solutions and opportunities to decarbonise – or at least gain a better understanding of – their emissions.”

Q. You are taking to the stage with Anna Kechekmadze, Global Digital Media Strategy Lead at Sanofi tackling the question 'Advertising’s first sustainability standards are coming — are you ready?' Can you give us a sneak peek into some of the things you’ll be looking to discuss?

“Anna is an extremely talented marketer who came to us with her initial analysis of the carbon footprint of her ad campaigns. However, she couldn’t reconcile it when examining the actual numbers. We started our journey together by delivering a study for Sanofi’s Consumer Healthcare business across the UK and Spain and have since expanded carbon measurement across all of their markets. 

We’re now exploring how we can improve not just the climate impact of ad campaigns, but also how to find the right cost benefit between market outcomes and sustainability outcomes. We'll discuss this at length during the event and I hope it's going to be entertaining for everyone.”

Q. Your session comes right before the panel discussion that asks ‘Are Sustainability Strategies Delivering Across the Value Chain?’ What are your initial thoughts on this?

“The good thing about sustainability is that it doesn’t fall into the issues and complexities we often find in digital advertising, so there are strategies that can be implemented immediately, to great effect.

Issues tend to arise when people consider it the job of others to clean up digital advertising’s value chain. At Scope3, we believe a collective change is required, and that it’s the responsibility not just of marketers, but of all constituents across the supply chain. We have the privilege of working with several of these constituents – be it media agencies, ad tech companies, or publishers – and can see great progress being made. 

Everyone must play a role in the sustainability equation; nobody is off the hook when it comes to reducing carbon emissions and making our planet a better place to live.”

Hear from industry-leading speakers including Paul-Antoine and more at Interact 2024 to get the sharp answers you’re looking for. 

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