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IAB Europe's Mapping of Greenhouse Gas Estimation Solutions in Digital Advertising

Mar 26,2024
Lauren Wakefield
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IAB Europe's first-ever Mapping of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Estimation Solutions in Digital Advertising presents the range of emissions models currently available. It explains how they may differ and why they may arrive at varying estimates. 

GHG emissions associated with the internet, devices, and supporting systems are thought to constitute nearly 4% of global emissions. With an industry-wide mandate to reduce this footprint, the first step is for companies within the digital advertising ecosystem to estimate their own emission contributions, so that they can demonstrate the true environmental cost of each digital advertising campaign to their partners. Yet, with so many tools and solutions coming to the market and no standards currently in place, it is extremely difficult for stakeholders to know where to start when looking to estimate, understand, and reduce the impact of their digital advertising efforts.  

This comprehensive report provides a transparent view of the wide variety of frameworks and solutions developed and adopted in Europe to estimate and reduce the scope 3 emissions produced by digital advertising. It helps stakeholders from across the ecosystem understand how current options may differ when it comes to data, supply chain boundaries, and the methods used to model scope 3 emission sources and tailor their strategies to meet sustainability objectives. 

Participating organisations in the report include:

  • SRI/Alliance Digitale
  • GroupM
  • Dentsu
  • AdGreen
  • Scope3
  • Good-Loop
  • Cedara
  • DK
  • SeenThis
  • OMG

The in-depth information on each solution was collected from each participating organisation across a four-month period and provides additional context for each solution as relevant to the nine categories that represent the different aspects of GHG estimation solutions. 

View the press release here and download your copy of the full report below.

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