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IAB Europe Supply Chain Transparency Guide - Updated in March 2024

Mar 08,2024
Amy Mazzola

If the digital advertising industry is to increase investment from the buy-side and to continue to benefit consumers through personal, timely, and relevant content, then maintaining transparency is critical. To help maintain such transparency, IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee created the Supply Chain Transparency Guide.

The aim of the Guide is to improve transparency in the digital advertising supply chain in the areas of data, cost, inventory source and new to this year's, sustainability. The Guide provides questions for each stakeholder category to be asked at different stages of the supply chain. First launched in 2018, the Guide is updated on a regular basis by IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee, with the last version being released in March 2022.Access the sixth version of the interactive version of the guide here or download the PDF version here.

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