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04 June 2019

MIXX Awards Europe Winners 2019 - Axe - What's Your Magic? (Mindshare Poland)

Mindshare Poland


Awards: Social Media (Bronze)

Campaign summary
We listened to our consumers who, in response to the Axe Find Your Magic campaign, said they want to show the world what THEIR magic is about. We gave them a chance to do that. We created a local campaign, during which we showed ordinary men with some extraordinary hobbies. Materials created as part of the “What's your magic?” campaign were watched over 13 million times. At the same time, the materials created by the vloggers from ABSTRA TV, which are popular among our target group, reached around 5 million views.

1. Objectives and Strategy
Axe defined attractiveness as great look and popularity among women. In 2015 the market share reached only 5.2% - consumers rejected AXE as they stopped to believe in it.
In 2016 started new Find Your Magic communication: to convince boys that everyone has some special & attractive talents and AXE just emphasize it. We targeted men aged 17-35 who want to show their magic to the world, who appreciate authentic content.
They hate marketing bullshit. They carefully build their social image, rarely like, comment or share content. They are incredibly hard to attract adblockers (IR Center 2016: in the 15-24 age: 36%, and in the 25-34: 26%).
The idea was to create branded but credible content. KPIs: 16,000 interactions and 400,000 organic material views. Finally to change the brand image on the modern/up to date attributes (KPI: +2 points in each of the age segments : M16-24 and M25-35).

2. Execution and Media
Young men value brands that speak their language. They wrote to us with suggestions to create videos about their hobbies. We responded and announced the competition. Sokół encouraged to take part in it, which was a distinguishing feature of previous communication. In addition, our narrator was great at social media and we treated his channels as an additional carrier of the created content.
Based on the entries, we recorded 3 materials with stories told with Sokół voice - showing that the passion is sexy. Our characters don’t look like models - still became our heroes as men are attractive when they have a passion that excites them.
From media POV we used potential of remarketing, precise targeting, adapting the target groups to the subject of the video (on demographic and behavioural data) and finally optimizing advertising support in nearly real time with solutions that helped to achieve KPIs.

3. Creative
We made short videos - the most popular content watched by our TG. The first video concerned Sokół, who was the narrator in subsequent materials. The other characters were: Konrad and Maciek - they made the fastest two-engined car in the world by themselves, Krzysiek - became the Polish Champion in the tricks on fingerboard, the Siekaj brothers - who deal with professional quad riding.
We withdrew from intrusive branding, but considered best practices in video content. We put our logo in the first seconds of each creation to reach skippers and added subtitles to reach people watching without sound.
We focused on the quality of production, thus we retained our consumers.

4. Innovation
In the opposition to the deodorants category approach we supported AXE campaign “What's Your Magic?” in 100% in digital. We knew men use Adblock, so we promoted on channels difficult to block: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube (94% of the budget), and Spotify (6% of the budget).
Content on Youtube is the best way to reach men! Facebook and Instagram enabled precise targeting, Spotify gave the opportunity to build the connotations with Sokół and to apply the mechanism valued by the Millennials, i.e. sponsored session - advertising with a reward (half an hour of music without ads after watching the video).

5. Results
During the campaign, the materials were displayed as many as 13 million times. Our content went viral in social media. On Facebook, we generated more than 1.2 million views organically (while on other posts we did not generate more than 20,000 views). The men not only watched (high YT views rate - 38% vs. benchmark 32% in the body care category), but they also liked, commented and shared (33k interactions - 206% of KPI implementation). In addition, we recorded an increase in the modern/up to date index among our TG (M16-24 +3pts, M25-34 +8pts).
Despite the non-obstructive branding we built the brand awareness - 67% increase on AdRecall - twice as much as the average result in the category - 33%. The spots were long (1-2 minutes), and yet we had an average of 23% of full views (benchmark 20% in the category of body care for video +31 seconds).

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