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23 January 2020

IAB UK's Gold Standard 2.0 will require companies to adopt IAB Europe’s TCF v2.0

We are delighted to share the news from our colleagues at IAB UK that a requirement to adopt the IAB Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0 will become a key criteria for achieving the IAB UK Gold Standard Certification.

Announced at the inaugural IAB Digital Trust Forum in London, a period of consultation will now commence to ensure all parts of the digital advertising value chain can adhere by the Q4 2020 deadline.

The IAB UK Gold Standard was launched in 2017 with the aim of reducing ad fraud, improving the digital advertising experience and increasing brand safety. It was confirmed today that 93 companies - from brands, media agencies, publishers and technology intermediaries - have been certified, with a further 11 companies registered to complete the process.

We believe the inclusion of the TCF within the Gold Standard is an important step to ensure these best practices remain relevant and hold industry to account. In doing so, we can ensure a free and open internet, for the benefit of consumers and the companies within it. We will continue to work with our colleagues throughout Europe to take similar steps with local best practice standards, which we outlined in our recently published report 'IAB Europe Navigator: Quality in Digital Advertising'.


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