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05 September 2022

What is Coming up in our Trust and Transparency Month?

This September, IAB Europe has been hosting a series of virtual events to discuss and debate trust and transparency in the digital advertising industry. A lack of transparency and accountability will cause notable friction in any value chain, especially in digital advertising. Our series of events will discuss what’s currently being done and what else needs to be done to ensure a sustainable future.

As part of the Trust and Transparency event series, we are hosting a range of Industry Insider sessions with some of our members. We have already heard from Meta and OneTrust but there are more to come! Keep reading to find out more about the upcoming webinars with Verve Group, Adform, Liveramp, and Google. 

We will be hearing from Meta, Adform, OneTrust, Verve Group, Novatiq and LiveRamp over the next few weeks, so keep reading to find out more about the live, free events!

Industry Insider with Meta: Supporting Parents, Guardians & Teens

13th September | 12:00 CET

In this session, Meta's policy experts shared an update on how Meta supports teens, parents and caregivers, as well as the efforts to protect the wellbeing and safety of youth on their platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Industry Insider with OneTrust: Prioritising Data Transparency: A Critical Ingredient in Trust, Loyalty & ROI

14th September | 12:00 CET

Watch the recording of this session to discover how to build trust with consumers through data transparency and clear consent messaging and learn how to increase your marketable database through consented first-party data.

Watch now!

Industry Insider with Adform: Innovation from Adversity – Driving Performance and Incremental Reach in a Post Third-Party Cookie World

3rd October| 12:00 CET

Historically speaking, adversity is one of the best drivers of innovation. The existential threat that third-party cookie deprecation has posed to advertising has driven the rise of scalable, first-party ID solutions. Join us for a fireside chat with Phil Acton, Adform's General Manager, UK, and PwC UK, where, to encourage transparency and engender trust in Adform’s ID Solution, we invited PwC to take a look under the hood to verify our claims. 

Register here.

Industry Insider with Verve Group - Good Things Come in 3’s, Even for Transparency

28th September | 12:00 CET

Whether it be adhesive tape or ad-tech, transparency matters.  What used to be implied as clear enough for anyone to see, the principles of transparency have become more scrutinized in our sector.  In this presentation, Verve Group will address the obvious, and not-so-obvious, applications of transparency in the places where it is seen–and needed–most.  What’s more, the Verve Group team will provide discussions through both international and North American lenses so there is an understanding of where transparency is–and where it is needed.

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More event information to come!

Industry Insider with LiveRamp - Key considerations to building trust around Data Collaboration

29th September | 12:00 CET

Data collaboration, clean rooms, and retail media. These are amongst the hottest buzzwords in marketing right now, yet more than half of marketing professionals say they have never used one. Why not? Because most marketers don’t know where to start. Plus, there are still misconceptions that surround how the data is being used. In this session, Ian Fremaux, Solutions Architect and Head of International Pre-Sales at LiveRamp talks through collaboration data 101, the steps those within the advertising ecosystem should take to build relationships based on transparency and trust to connect and allow for effective collaboration, and how brands are successfully executing these strategies right now.

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Industry Insider with Google - Safer with Google

27th September | 12:00 CET

Google will first present the results of their latest consumer research with over 20,000 Europeans on the consequences of good and bad privacy experiences online, and then share the company’s approach to balance consumer privacy, users control over data and effective marketing.

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