Interactive Advertising Bureau
10 November 2021

The Future of Attribution in a Post Third-Party Cookie Era - A Q&A with Experts From the Programmatic Trading Committee

Since Google announced that third-party cookies were to become obsolete - extended now to 2023 - there have, and continue to be many questions about how digital marketing and advertising will work in a post third-party cookie world. Among them is the question of attribution. With current attribution and measurement techniques so heavily reliant on cookies, what will happen to attribution? And how will ad success measurement work in this new era?

To better understand the challenge of attribution and what we can expect for measuring success in the future, we caught up with members of IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee to share their thoughts and expertise.

Q&A with:

  • Emmanuel Josserand, Senior Director Brand, Agency and Industry Relations, Freewheel 
  • Rémi Lemonnier, President & Co-founder, Scibids
  • Akshay Bhattacharjee, Product Manager, Integral Ad Science (IAS) 
  • Jamie Penkethman, Product Marketing Director, Index Exchange 

Download the whitepaper here!

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