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05 August 2020

TCF v2.0 - Are you Ready for the Switchover? Just One Week To Go!

On the 15th August, The Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) v1.1 will be depleted and will be replaced by TCF v2.0.

Since IAB Europe in partnership with IAB Tech Lab launched the revised framework in August 2019, over 500 vendors have registered to implement TCF v2.0, with over 75% of them also declaring themselves operationally ready to read and act on TCF v2.0 strings. This includes many of the largest Vendors and CMPs in programmatic advertising, including Adobe, Axel Springer, Criteo, Google, GroupM, Integral Ad Science, Mediamath, Oracle, OneTrust, The Ozone Project, The Rubicon Project, The Trade Desk, Quantcast, and Xandr, amongst many others. The full list of companies currently registered for TCF v2.0 can be found here.

Over 70 Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) have also been certified for TCF v2.0 and are currently testing the new User Interfaces (UI) with publishing partners. The confirmed scale and support of this effort highlights the industry’s commitment to implement the enhanced functionality available within TCF v2.0 by 15th August.

So what is TCF v2.0 and How Can You Get Ready?

  • The Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) consists of Policies and Technical Specifications that assist all companies in the digital advertising supply chain to meet transparency and user choice requirements related to data processing.
  •  Like TCF v1.1, TCF v2.0 is designed to standardise the collection and transmission of user choice and transparency on digital properties so that the digital advertising supply chain can align with GDPR and ePrivacy requirements. However, TCF v2.0 takes better account of Publishers’ needs as well as the evolving legal requirements and expectations from regulators.
  • Check out our switchover FAQs to make sure you are ready.

What support and guidance materials are available? 

To support vendors, publishers and CMPs implementing TCF v2.0, we have prepared marketing materials and collaterals to provide a clear overview of the framework, its mechanism, and what it entails for all stakeholders involved. From videos to handy guides, you will find everything you need below to get more familiar with TCF v2.0 and its latest updates. You can access all materials here.

Top materials we recommend:

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