TCF v2.0 Support Materials & Marketing Collateral

To support the launch of TCF v2.0, we have prepared marketing materials and collaterals to provide a clear overview of the framework, its mechanism, and what it entails for all stakeholders involved. From videos to handy guides, you will find everything you need below to get more familiar with TCF v2.0 and its latest updates.


Full questions and answers for TCF v2.0. Find out why and how the TCF was created, why there was a need to create version 2.0, and what the main benefits are for each stakeholder group, most importantly, users. There are also full details on the new updates and technical specifications – FAQs 

Information videos

Want to get up to speed quickly on the TCF and TCF v2.0? Hear from the people involved in helping to shape and create the new Policies. Featuring members of the TCF Steering Committee, these 90 second video provide digestible updates. Watch the videos below!

Video 1 – What is the TCF?

Video 2 – Who is the TCF designed for? 

Video 3 – Introducing TCF 2.0

Video 4 – What’s new in the TCF 2.0? 

Video 5 – User & industry benefits of the TCF 2.0 

Video 6 – Transparency Consent Framework v2.0

Stakeholder factsheets

Overviews of the TCF v2.0 for publishers, agencies & advertisers, Consent Management Platforms (CMPs), vendors and all stakeholders. Find all the information you need in these handy guides. 

TCF Fact Sheet – General

TCF Fact Sheet – CMPs

TCF Fact Sheet – Vendors

TCF Fact Sheet – Publishers

TCF Fact Sheet – Agencies and Advertiser


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