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27 June 2024

Stay Ahead with Our Latest Updated 101 Guide to Retail Media

The rapid growth of e-commerce means Retail Media has reached critical mass – riding a third wave of digital advertising. From 2012 to 2022, the online share of retail trade more than doubled in the UK and more than tripled in Germany, with a 26.5% and 19.6% share respectively according to the Centre for Retail Research. IAB Europe also forecasts that Digital Retail Media advertising spend will exceed €21bn by 2026.

To help stakeholders navigate the rapidly growing world of Retail Media, IAB Europe’s Retail Media Committee has taken the lead in defining Retail Media and sharing key expertise through a newly updated comprehensive 101 Guide to Retail Media. This guide, originally released in September 2023, has been refreshed to provide even more valuable insights and updated information, making it an indispensable resource for anyone involved in the digital advertising space.

What's New in the Updated Guide?

To help stakeholders take the lead and stay informed, our Retail Media Committee has updated the guide to include the following areas:

1. Harmonised Definitions

We have introduced new pan-European, harmonised definitions of Retail Media, including on-site, off-site, and digital in-store. These updated definitions ensure that everyone in the industry has a clear and consistent understanding of the key concepts and terms.

2. Enhanced Measurement and Metrics

The updated guide includes an expanded measurement and metrics section, featuring more information on IAB Europe's recently released Retail Media Measurement Standards. These standards are crucial for accurately measuring and evaluating the success of Retail Media campaigns.

3. Path to Purchase Infographic

A new Path to Purchase Infographic has been added to illustrate how retail and commerce media can be bought. This visual guide simplifies the purchasing process, making it easier for stakeholders to understand and navigate.

4. New Case Studies

We have included new case studies to provide real-world examples of successful Retail Media campaigns. These case studies offer practical insights and lessons learned, helping stakeholders apply best practices to their own campaigns.

5. Updated Best Practices

The best practices section has been updated to reflect the latest trends and strategies in Retail Media. This section provides tips for optimising Retail Media campaigns and achieving the best possible results.

Why You Need This Guide

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, this updated 101 Guide to Retail Media is an essential resource for staying ahead in the digital advertising landscape. By providing clear definitions, comprehensive insights, and practical tools, the guide empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions and drive desired outcomes. 

Download the Updated Guide Now

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