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12 February 2019

Member white paper: Cracking the Programmatic Conundrum

This white paper was originally published here.

The paper looks at how broadcasters and pay TV operators have embraced automated technology to enhance their offerings.

It explores three strategic approaches premium video broadcasters and pay TV operators are taking to gradually transform their businesses through programmatic:

  • Growing local markets
  • Making more inventory available
  • Growing overall market value

Although the shift to programmatic trading is reliant on technology, it is the change in sales and operational strategies that have driven positive outcomes. Each method will explore key challenges, results drivers, and any related myths. As the proportion of media allocated to direct sold and programmatic continues to grow in the ecosystem, the lessons of these applications will be essential to boost planning effectiveness and harness the efficiencies of automation.

This  is the first in a series of outputs the FW Council for premium video, Europe (FWCE) will be working on, looking into the important and complex topic of programmatic TV.

You can browse or download the full paper HERE.

Please contact the FWCE with any questions or interest.

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