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05 April 2017

Member report: IAB Ireland / PwC - Digital Adspend 2016

The latest IAB Ireland / PwC Online Adspend Study for the year ended December 2016, published on April 5, reveals growth of 31% for the Irish digital advertising market, representing a total digital spend of €445m. This comprises €231m on the mobile platform and €214m on desktop. Many consumers are now accessing the internet via mobile first and advertisers are allocating their digital budgets accordingly.

For the first time Adspend participants (Publishers and Adnetworks) have reported the percentage of display adspend that is being traded programmatically in the Irish market. Programmatic trading refers to the use of automated processes and systems in the buying and selling of advertising inventory and in 2016 it amounted to 33% of display adspend with publishers and adnetworks.

Download the full report on the IAB Ireland website here
Browse the accompanying infographic below here.

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