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30 April 2020

Interact Online! Meet The Speaker - Stephanie Hanson, Offering Manager, OneTrust

On 3rd June, IAB Europe will be hosting our flagship event Interact, virtually! This free-to-attend virtual conference will allow the digital advertising and marketing industry to interact online! It’s never been more important to come together to help support, build and sustain our innovative industry. Expert speakers include senior executives from Coca-Cola, Zalando, Google, ProSieben, RTL, Group M, OMD and OneTrust.

In the run up to the event, we wanted to introduce you to some of the great speakers that will be discussing and debating the latest industry topics in our panel sessions.

First up, is Stephanie Hanson, Offering Manager, OneTrust

Q. Firstly, thank you for supporting Interact Online. Thanks to the help of our sponsors, we’ve been able to create a free event for all of the industry to join. Apart from your own session, what are you most looking forward to seeing at Interact Online?

Stephanie: Thanks for having me! I am looking forward to the discussion amongst all of the speakers and the engagement from the audience. It’s important for us all to stay connected with the unanticipated trajectory the year has taken thus far.

Q. What is your role at OneTrust and what’s been your personal focus so far this year?

Stephanie: I lead our line of business focused on Publishers and AdTech across Sales & Marketing, Product Development and Customer Success. I have the privilege of working directly with our customers and partners to ensure their needs are being met and that we are continuing to build the technology Publishers need to incorporate their privacy and compliance programs into their business functions. My personal focus recently has been making sure our customers are well supported in the transition to TCF v2.

Q. Outside of work (and before the lockdown!), what do you most enjoy doing in your free time?

Stephanie: I am very fortunate to have a happy, healthy 4 month old baby, so all of my time these days outside of work is devoted to being a new mom and reading lots of storybooks.

Q. OneTrust has been working very hard to educate publishers on the importance of the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) v2.0. Aside from the TCF, what else is OneTrust currently working on?

Stephanie: In addition to the TCF, we are still seeing global organisations strengthen their support for CCPA consumer rights and opt-outs ahead of the enforcement period. We are also seeing a lot of focus on how to present notice and collect consent across devices and within the OTT landscape.

Q. You will be joining the Sustainable Advertising in a Privacy-Centric World panel, which will be looking at how we can ensure that privacy remains a core focus for the industry when current challenges impact operations and revenue. Can you share some of your thoughts ahead of the session?

Stephanie: Privacy by design and a culture of compliance are crucial to incorporate into business operations today. Global organisations face the challenge of navigating differences in regulations across geographic regions and it is important to consider how transparency and consent are addressed in your organisation’s approach.

Q. The panel will also discuss the impact of a third-party cookie-less world on consumers and our industry. What do you see as the biggest opportunity and challenge?

Stephanie: With the removal of third-party cookies there is an opportunity to increase general knowledge of the value exchange between publishers and their audience. A reliance on incremental first party data is important in order to maintain addressability and retain revenue, but also presents the opportunity to change the relationship and deliver more aligned content.

Q. Why should people attend Interact Online?

Stephanie:  Though we cannot attend in person events at the moment, it’s important to stay connected and understand the projections for 2020 in order to take those learnings back to our respective organisations and lead through these times.

Q. Finally, what’s been your favourite TV show or film you’ve watched during lockdown?

Stephanie: I am enjoying and highly recommend The Last Dance series on ESPN covering the history of Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls.


For more information on Interact Online and to secure your free registration, please visit 

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