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24 June 2021

Industry News: An Updated Timeline For Privacy Sandbox Milestones

Today, Google announced the revised timeline for the phasing out of third-party cookies, with new Privacy Sandbox milestones. In the announcement on their Chrome blog, Google said they will phase out third-party cookies in Chrome over a three-month period ending in late 2023.

This adjusted timeline reflects Chrome’s expectation that the new Privacy Sandbox technologies will be deployed and ready to use together in late 2022, providing a nine-month window of time for companies to integrate them before the third-party cookie phase-out begins.

These efforts are meant to ensure that all ecosystem stakeholders have access to clear and helpful information, with reasonable timeframes and advance notice for planning.  This is consistent with Google’s recent commitments to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority regarding the Privacy Sandbox. IAB Europe remains committed to helping all stakeholders navigate this new era with it's bi-weekly Post Third-Party Cookie taskforce. The taskforce's mission is to enlist a broad network of European stakeholders to support the emergence of a technical outcome or outcomes in which comprehensive individual privacy control and responsible addressable internet advertising coexist safely and comfortably, to support a rich and diverse universe of online content and services available at low or no cost to users.

Please read the Google's blog post for more detail on this staged plan.




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