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28 February 2019

IAB Europe’s CMP Validator for the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF)

At the end of last year, IAB Europe announced to members of the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) that a CMP Validator was being created. The Validator allows any CMP to be manually checked for a number of common compliance issues, where a CMP implementation does not adhere to the TCF technical specifications and/or TCF policies. In providing a full analysis of a CMP instance running on a site, the Validator will also play a key role in surfacing compliance issues that cannot be checked automatically, where human intervention is required – for example when the CMP user interface does not comply with TCF policies. Any CMP found not complying will be contacted by IAB Europe and advised what action they need to take. This is proving an invaluable support for CMP implementation. If a CMP is unable to take the necessary action in a given timeframe and remains non-compliant then they would be suspended from the Framework. An early version of the CMP Validator was released on February 1st to a small group of beta testers.

The CMP Validator has been built as a Chrome browser extension, which enables the tool to be run on any site, allowing it to analyse live CMP installations. The analysis presents information related to the implementation of the TCF technical specification, including data returned from the CMP API as well as the contents of the consent string. Going  forward  the tool will incorporate automated compliance checks, which we look forward to releasing to our community of CMPs in the coming weeks. The TCF was designed to help the digital advertising ecosystem comply to GDPR. This new CMP Validator further demonstrates the commitment that IAB Europe is making to help ensure the TCF’s sustainability.

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