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20 March 2018

IAB Europe Webinar Recording: Google’s initiatives to support the Coalition’s Better Ads Standards

Watch this webinar recording to gain insight into the “Building better ad experience for users to sustain the free & open web” which encompasses Google’s initiatives to help sustain the ad ecosystem focus on two key areas, being the reduction of demand for ad blocking by busting annoying ads, and addressing existing ad blocker usage through user education and alternative funding choices.

As part of this commitment to ensure sustainable free and open web ecosystem, Google started to implement its plan for the Chrome browser to filter ads on 15 February. The filtering is based on the threshold of consumers’ reception of ads, as set jointly by industry with the Better Ads Standards of the Coalition for Better Ads which are applicable in desktop web and mobile web environments in Europe and North America based on research reflecting the views of more than 40,000 users in these geographies.

The webinar was presented by Scott Spencer, Director of Sustainable Advertising, and Jan Hardrat, Publisher Solutions Specialist, Central Europe at Google, and followed by a Q&A session, and as a whole hosted by Greg Mroczkowski at IAB Europe. Among Scott Spencer’s wide-ranging responsibilities are the processes, policies, and algorithms that help Google fight bad ads, sites, and scams, as well as the company’s efforts to contribute to the improvement of the sustainability of the overall advertising ecosystem, which includes collaboration with the Coalition for Better Ads to fight the bad ad experiences. Whereas Jan Hardrat in his role works on initiatives such as Ad Experience Report and Funding Choices, as well as on programmatic advertising solutions, yield monetization and platform efficiencies.


Scott Spencer, Director of Sustainable Advertising, Google Jan Hardrat, Publisher Solutions Specialist, Central Europe, Google

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