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24 January 2023

Guest Blog Post with DoubleVerify - Building a Winning Team: The Importance of Employee Experience

In this week’s member guest blog post we caught up with David Wayne, Senior HR Business Partner at DoubleVerify.  David discusses the importance of creating a positive employee experience and shares ways in which companies can maximise their efforts. Keep reading to learn more:


Employee experience is becoming an increasingly important topic in the business world. It's directly correlated to the improvement of profitability, revenue, and employee well-being. 

But the benefits of a positive employee experience extend beyond just the company's bottom line. Our people are our customers' most important assets, and a positive employee experience can lead to increased customer results. 

At DoubleVerify, we understand that the positive experience of our employees is not just a nice-to-have, it's a business imperative. A positive and supportive work environment is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent, and for fostering a culture of engagement and productivity.

So how can businesses improve their employee experience? To create a positive employee experience, organisations must create an environment and values that personally connect with the employee, where the intersection of the individual's passions, values, and skills meet the organisation's vision, identity, culture, and brand equity. 

Growth opportunities are important, as it's incumbent on organisations to help employees improve and grow with and from their work. Organisations must develop a platform to enable positive risk, develop a framework for mental resilience training and encourage conversations that always start with positive intent. Sense of belonging is also important because it helps employees feel connected to and valued by the organisations. 

The impacts of the COVID pandemic, global recession, social injustice, and rise of mental health issues, has caused employees to shift their mindset to become more open and look for positive collaborative experiences. To meet this new demand, organisations are shaping their values to reflect a "Growth Mindset" that embraces challenges and change.

A positive employee experience can also be driven by investing in employee well-being. At DoubleVerify, we have implemented a variety of initiatives to support the well-being of our employees. From offering flexible working arrangements, to providing access to mental health support and resources, to promoting a culture of work-life balance, we are committed to creating a positive and supportive work environment for our team.

We also understand the importance of employee engagement and have implemented regular surveys to measure employee satisfaction and engagement levels, to ensure that we are providing the best possible work environment for our team.

In conclusion, creating a positive employee experience is essential for attracting and retaining top talent, fostering a culture of engagement and productivity and ultimately driving business results. At DoubleVerify, we are committed to creating a positive employee experience and we 

and we encourage other businesses to make positive employee experiences a priority.


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