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13 April 2023

Want to Know More About the Next Iterations to the TCF? Join IAB Europe's New Webinar Series this April


In order to respond to the changes and needs of the market, while continuing to help players in the online ecosystem comply with certain requirements of the ePrivacy Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), the Transparency and Consent Framework needs to be updated on a regular basis. In particular, constant evolutions in case law as well as in guidelines of Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) place ever higher demands on market participants in terms of data protection requirements. The TCF instances have therefore drawn inspiration from them to bring some new iterations to the Framework, including some changes related to the Action Plan that was submitted to and validated by the Belgian Data Protection Authority (more information here). 

These new iterations will be released as part of the Transparency & Consent Framework v2.2 in the next few weeks, and TCF participants will have until the end of Q3 2023 to make the necessary changes to their respective implementations. All iterations have been developed to avoid breaking changes to the existing v2.1 Technical Specifications and facilitate adoption in a timely manner by CMPs and Vendors.

In the run up to the launch of TCF v2.2, IAB Europe will publish background material and host a series of webinars to offer full support and guidance to CMPs, Vendors and Publishers. Registration links can be found below.


Session 1: Overview of the main differences between the TCF policy 3.5 & 4.0

Thursday 20th April| 15:00 CET  – Register here

An overview of the main differences in policies between v2.1 & v2.2. This session is for all TCF stakeholders.


  • Christoph Zippel, Senior Legal Counsel, RTL
  • Elena Turtureanu, VP Legal and Privacy, Adform
  • Jan Winkler, CEO, Consentmanager
  • Peter Craddock, Partner, Keller and Heckman LLP

Register Here 


Session 2: Overview of the changes to the TCF technical specifications between v2.1 & v2.2

Thursday 20th April| 16:00 CET  – Register here

An overview of the changes to the TCF technical specifications between v2.1 & v2.2. This session is to help CMPs and Vendors navigate the different technical resources.


  • Heinz Baumann, Product & Engineering consultant, IAB Europe
  • Julien Delhommeau, Staff System Architect, Microsoft
  • Rowena Lam, Sr Director of Product, Privacy and Data, IAB Techlab
  • Ninon Vagner, Privacy Director, IAB Europe

Register here

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