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22 February 2024

Want To Join The IAB Europe Team? We Have a New Role – Digital Advertising Product Manager

IAB Europe has an opening for a full-time Digital Advertising Product Manager to support the team and the development and roll-out of programmatic digital advertising standards in Europe that enable legal compliance and supply chain transparency, as well as supporting the industry’s sustainability agenda and facilitating the scaling up of new channels such as retail media.

Scope of the role

The Digital Advertising Product Manager will help ensure that all of IAB Europe’s work – whether on policy advocacy, privacy and other regulatory compliance, or the development of business standards – is nested in a deep understanding of the technology of digital advertising delivery and measurement. He/she will also act as liaison and ensure effective collaboration with partner organisations such as IAB Tech Lab and EU- and national-level trade groups on digital advertising technology topics.  

Specific tasks 

Specifically, the Programmatic Advertising Product Manager would be expected to:

  • Support IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF), including by:
  • Project managing the TCF Framework Signals Working Group (FSWG) and providing technical input and guidance to the development of the Technical Specifications and accompanying code libraries and implementation guidelines;
  • Overseeing the compliance programmes for Consent Management Providers (CMPs) and Vendors that implement the Framework, in collaboration with IAB Europe privacy and legal compliance leads Amongst other tasks, this involves recruiting and managing external contractors that develop automated testing of CMPs and Vendors’ technologies to verify their compliance with the TCF policies and technical specifications;
    • Project manage a dedicated digital advertising technical committee, supporting on content development.  
    • Provide technical advice to IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading,  Retail Media, and Sustainability Standards Committees 
    • Liaise with relevant working groups within IAB Tech Lab such as the OpenRTB Working Group and Privacy sub-group, Global Privacy Working Group, REARC Addressability and Accountability Working Groups, as well as working groups within Prebid and the W3C
    • Manage IAB Europe external suppliers that deliver web services and software development across all IAB Europe activities
    • Liaise with the community of National IABs and the broader industry to gather technical and business requirements that need to inform the evolution of the advertising standards across Europe, acting as a point of focus for the developer community.


The successful candidate will have had at least two years of professional experience as a product manager and a deep understanding of digital media and the online advertising “ecosystem”, as well as good written and spoken English.  Specific knowledge and skills that are desired are: 

  • Technical and product knowledge of the ad tech supply chain and the communities it comprises and serves - including the variety of technical integrations between players in both the web and app (mobile and CTV) environments 
  • The ability to consider both business and technical considerations when designing and developing solutions 
  • The ability to lead technical projects and engage with / evangelise to the developer and technical community
  • Experience in overseeing database creation and maintenance as well as cloud services, with specific acquaintance with those provided by AWS
  • Broad knowledge of the software development process and its technologies particularly open source and the management of access to open source through tools such as GitHub
  • Familiarity with common project management methodologies such as “Agile” and technical project management in the context of open-source development

Experience in multicultural environments, the ability to work autonomously, and a willingness to spontaneously identify and take on new challenges in a dynamic and demanding professional environment will also be important. 

Personal attributes

Desired personal attributes are:

  • Strong communicator
  • Able to interact confidently with senior management, both internally and externally
  • Able to think strategically and with a good sense of the needs of the business 
  • Organisationally agile
  • Interested in the technical, business and legal/policy challenges currently confronting the digital advertising and marketing industries
  • Customer-focused
  • Cross-cultural collaborator
  • Structured and well-organised
  • Engaging and approachable


The position could be based in Brussels or elsewhere in Europe. The position reports to IAB Europe’s Privacy Director and will require collaboration with colleagues on the policy, legal compliance, sustainability, and industry development teams within IAB Europe.

About IAB Europe

IAB Europe is a European-level industry association of national federations and corporate members active in digital advertising and marketing.  Its mission is to promote Europe’s digital advertising & marketing industry through policy advocacy and the development of legal compliance tools and business standards, helping to ensure that advertising continues to finance a rich universe of online content & services, including independent media, that is accessible on terms that all citizens can afford.  Through its direct corporate membership and that of its national federations, it represents some 3,000-4,000 companies across the advertising ecosystems, from advertisers and agencies to adtech vendors, publishers, broadcasters, eCommerce platforms, and retailers.  

Submission of application

All submissions should be sent to including a statement of interest that details experience relevant to the role, current CV and remuneration expectations. 

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