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06 January 2021

TCF Governance Board Call For Observers From European Level Advertising Ecosystem Industry Associations

IAB Europe is hereby issuing a call for expressions of interest from European regional-level advertising ecosystem organisations wishing to participate as Observers in the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) Governance Board. 

The Governance Board was created in 2020 for the purpose of holding all TCF instances to account and ensuring that the correct process is followed in the development of outcomes that align with the Framework’s strategic objectives. TCF instances comprise the Steering Group, its working groups, the Managing Organisation (MO), and the Dispute Resolution Panel.

The Board is made up of 15 voting members drawn from the TCF Steering Group and a number of non-voting Observers drawn from European regional-level industry associations and National IABs.  It is chaired by Grant Nelson, Product Manager for Privacy at Xandr.

The role of Observers is to ensure that the broadest possible range of stakeholders implementing the Framework, including those who may not have the resource to be involved directly in the instances cited above, have insight into the holding- to-account of the TCF instances.

The TCF Governance Board meets four times per year in the first month of each quarter, each meeting is two hours. Under current circumstances, the meetings are held virtually. There were three meetings held in 2020 and the minutes of these meetings and papers relating to TCF governance can be viewed here. The next meeting is January 22, 2021.

All organisations who might be interested in an Observer seat are invited to read the governance papers linked above, and the MoU that governs the participation of European regional-level advertising ecosystem organisations as a non-voting observer in the TCF Governance Board. The MoU can be found in the same location as the governance papers.

We would ask all organisations considering this opportunity to consider the following and include their responses in their expressions of interest:

  • The depth and breadth of the stakeholder views your participation will enable;
  • Demonstration of your level of engagement with the TCF;
  • Specific knowledge and experience that you would contribute to the TCF Governance Board.

Your expression of interest should be submitted via email to the MO (cc the Secretariat of the TCF Governance Board, Anne Goodman). Early expressions of interest will be presented to the Governance Board by the Chair at the Q1 meeting (January 22) and any final expressions of interest at the Q2 meeting (first week of April date TBC).


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