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07 July 2016

Nielsen report: Digital Ad Ratings™ Global Benchmark and Findings

The global advertising landscape continues to evolve as investment shifts to digital across various devices and channels. This change in direction underscores the need to understand your campaign audience delivery across screens in a way that is comparable and easily actionable. This release of Nielsen's Digital Ad Ratings benchmarks and findings gives you an inside look into audience delivery across four geographic regions with the market specific information required to make strategic decisions around how you invest and optimize your campaigns.

With a new industry focus on digital advertising there has been a burst of new metrics and targeting capabilities, but this has not been enough. In the UK, 45% of impressions delivered to campaigns targeting Persons aged 25-54 ended up reaching the wrong target audience. And this only gets lower for more narrowly targeted campaigns.

Nielsen can help solve the audience delivery problem by giving you benchmarks that quantify performance against all the key demographics at global scale. This is quantified by measuring a campaign’s “On-Target Percent.” and can give useful information about when further optimization is needed. These benchmarks continue to become more robust and will expand as Nielsen starts including results from the nine new markets they on-boarded this year, bringing the total to 17 Digital Ad Ratings markets globally.

Download the report below

<strong> Get the slides <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">here</a>.</strong>

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