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28 June 2021

Member Guest Post With Teads - What Does Creative Excellence On Mobile Really Look Like?

This week's member guest post is written by Tead's Global Creative VP, Bertrand "Coca" Cocallemen. Coca describes what is important for mobile-optimised campaigns and invites everyone interested to the Teads Grand Prix. The ceremony takes place on July 29th! Register here to see who takes home the gold and be inspired by creative best practices!

Discussions around creativity in advertising are predominantly focused around the core idea, with conversations around effectiveness leaning towards the message itself. But the execution of that creative should carry equal weight. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your ad is, a 60 second landscape video with sound on isn’t going to deliver results on mobile. Equally a 6 second, low-res, vertical ad on a cinema screen won’t carry the weight it should. This might seem obvious, and for a lot of media planners it is, but when you dive into outstanding examples of collaboration between media and marketing teams, you can see these nuances are clearly understood.

Our in-house Teads Studio team works in collaboration with our clients to make their content be as impactful as possible on mobile by combining their brand expertise and our knowledge of how consumers engage with our platform. And the results show how important this optimisation is  delivering an average uplift of 49% on attention and 31% brand lift for clients

We wanted to ensure we made the most of these learnings for what makes great content for mobile and also celebrate the best creative work done with our clients. So in June 2020 we created our first ever awards programme analysing  the best creative work from across the Teads network.

We’ve done six to date, each one focusing on an individual category (PharmaceuticalBeveragesBeauty/LuxuryAutomotiveCPG and Technology) and this is going to culminate in the inaugural Teads Awards Grand Prix on the 29th June featuring all creatives that won and stood out from over 3,000 submissions from 30 markets across US, Latam, EMEA and APAC.

The grand prix are going to be judged by an esteemed panel of marketeers including:

  • Meredith Herman, VP Global Marketing Services, GSK
  • Kristen Colonna, VP Marketing Enablement, Pernod Ricard
  • Kimberley Gardiner, Senior Vice President Marketing, VW of America
  • Nicolas Comestaz, VP Global Media, COTY
  • Kenneth Wilhelm, Director Portfolio, Nestlé Purina North America
  • Justin Baum, Creative Director at Lenovo

You can have a look at the shortlist here, but through this process, what have we learned about brands and agencies creatively collaborating with tech partners on mobile?

Reinvention of Display

The suite of formats and innovative ad experiences that have reinvented display advertising is really exciting for brands. It’s unusual actually, because the “banner” industry is probably the least exciting format for senior marketers, but the way that we’ve approached it is by creating experiences that leverage the natural behaviour of users when reading an article. For example, leveraging the scroll and giving the audience control of the ad. As a result we see dwell time of up to 13 seconds for our best dynamic display creatives, on par with a TV ad.

Impactful Videos

When it comes to video, our Teads Studio team does a range of work. Starting at a basic level of optimization that delivers much higher brand awareness  through a consistent brand presence through the whole video, through to more advanced optimization that allow the video to generate more stopping power (adding special effects to the video), increasing the comprehension of the campaign and delivering a higher intent to purchase through more immersive experiences (adding packshots, interactivity or shoppable elements.).

Creative effectiveness

Through advanced AB test methodologies partnering with Kantar, we are constantly comparing the performance of shortlisted and rewarded ad experiences with original assets. Through those studies we’ve learned that ad experiences that leverage the scroll, and exciting ads such as 3D Cube or vertical interactive experiences, are really successful in driving positive marketing outcomes (attention, brand, ad recall and intent) as well as content KPIs (message comprehension and consideration).

Innovating to create better ad experiences is at the heart of what we do at Teads, and we’re really excited about revealing our grand prix winners on the 29th June. But this isn’t a finite process, we’re going to continue our awards programme into 2022 and it will be fascinating to see how the bar is raised once again this time next year.

Make sure you’re signed up to watch the ceremony on the 29th, register here to see who takes home the gold!

If you’re interested in seeing how Teads can optimize your next campaign, feel free to reach out to your Teads representative, or visit our official Teads Awards website.


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