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11 November 2020

Member Guest Post by OneTrust PreferenceChoice - The Impact of TCF 2.0 on Publishers and Business

Stephanie Hanson, Offering Manager at OneTrust PreferenceChoice shares her thoughts on the updated TCF 2.0 and the impact it has had on Publishers and Business. Stephanie will also be joining the Virtual Programmatic Day on 19th November, where she will join a panel of experts to discuss the TCF 2.0 in more detail - Register here!

TCF 2.0: Publishers, Advertisers, and Ad Tech Vendors

Recently, new industry updates have kept publishers, advertisers, and ad tech vendors on their toes. Industry leaders are preparing for the removal of third-party cookies, adjusting to iOS 14 masking the IDFA, and recently adopted the IAB Europe’s Transparency Consent Framework (TCF 2.0). The first version of TCF was developed in 2018 and was recently enhanced to give consumers more control over their personal data and provide publishers greater flexibility when integrating with ad tech partners.

TCF 2.0 comes at a time when personal data has never mattered more to consumers and on the other hand, to publishers and advertisers that are striving to deliver personalised experiences based on data gathered. The framework is one of a kind and leading the way to transform towards an ad landscape that puts privacy first. With over 500 IAB TCF certified ad tech vendors, including Google and Adobe, the industry is working together towards the new future of advertising with the respect of user consent.

“TCF v2.0 takes the standard to the next level with respect to consumer transparency and choice, publisher control over data processing for advertising and content personalisation, and cross-industry collaboration,” said Townsend Feehan, CEO IAB Europe. “We’ve spent the last year providing support and guidance to CMPs, publishers, and vendors, and are confident that we have a robust framework in place that can continue to evolve in light of European Court case law and regulatory enforcement.”

Implications for the Ad Tech Industry 

The TCF was created to help companies that serve, measure, and manage digital ads comply with certain obligations of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive (ePD) when processing personal data or accessing and/or storing information on a user’s device. TCF 2.0 consists of technical specifications and policies that assist all companies in the digital advertising supply chain to meet transparency and user choice requirements.

TCF 2.0 provides ten specific purposes for the processing of personal data about which users must be informed and to which they must give their consent, including the storage of information on devices, ad targeting according to targeting criteria, personalised ads, measurement of ad and content performance, market research, and product development.

In addition, the new version allows the mapping of legitimate interest as a legal basis for the various uses. With the entry into force of TCF 2.0, users will be able to object to the collection of data on the legal basis of ‘legitimate interest’ for the relevant purposes.

Have No Fear – Opt-Ins Are Still High with TCF 2.0 

The privacy, technology, and advertising worlds are all witnessing change to ultimately give consumers more transparency and control over their personal data. With the TCF 2.0, some publishers are concerned that adopting it will impact consent opt-ins and ultimately, ad revenue. However, this framework was created to help, not hurt all parties.

In fact, the majority of publishers leveraging our CMP have made the decision to adopt the TCF framework. Customers in the publishing industry who are live with our CMP that are also leveraging TCF 2.0 signals are seeing up to 85% opt-in rates.

How OneTrust PreferenceChoice Helps 

Leading publishers and advertisers leverage OneTrust PreferenceChoice to build and deploy a tailored CMP, optimize consent rates while ensuring compliance with global regulations and frameworks, and engage with customers across web, mobile, OTT and offline channels.

  • Track consent opt-in percentage metrics to optimize over time 
  • Geotarget specific regions and visitors to comply with local jurisdictions 
  • Integrate with Google, Facebook, Amazon and IAB TCF 2.0 simultaneously 
  • Capture cross-domain consent across multiple properties 
  • A/B Testing to measure and optimize opt-ins 
  • Store consent records for downstream system integration 

For more information, contact OneTrust PreferenceChoice or request a demo today! 

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