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24 January 2024

Join Us and Our CMO Helen Mussard at Performance Marketing World Unlocked 2024

The time for actionable marketing gameplans is NOW. And where better to find them than at PMW Unlocked 2024? Mark your calendars for March 5th-6th, because this two-day event is about to supercharge your marketing plans and we’re proud to partner the event. 

Think brainstorming sessions with 1,000+ fellow marketing and advertising professionals. Think 40+ industry legends like Grace Andrews (Marketing Director of Steven Bartlett & The Diary Of A CEO) and Paul Wright (Head of Uber Advertising UK&I) dropping knowledge bombs like confetti. Think 50+ sessions packed with strategies, they'll make your competitors green with envy.

Our own IAB Europe Chief Marketing Officer, Helen Mussard will be Chairing the AI, Tech & Data stage on Day one. She will be hosting a panel on ‘Generative AI Debrief: its journey, impact, and what's next?’. This stage will also host ‘AI Use Cases - 10 Ways you can Utilise AI to Drive Performance’, and more. Be sure to check it out.

But PMW Unlocked isn't just about learning, it's about doing. Here's what you'll unlock:

2024 marketing playbook: Ditch the guesswork and grab the winning strategies for the year ahead. Think personalisation, data-driven decisions, and content that magnetise your audience like a black hole.

Future-proof your plans: Get in the know about the latest trends and tech that are shaping the marketing landscape. AI, automation, the ever-evolving media beast – you'll be ready to conquer them all.

AI & influencer mastery: These aren't just buzzwords, they're your secret weapons. Learn how to leverage AI to craft campaigns that are smarter than ever, and master the art of influencer partnerships that explode your reach like a supernova.

Performance hacks galore: Need better customer engagement and conversions? We've got the cheat codes. Discover how to optimise your website, craft calls to action that can't be ignored, and turn every visitor into a loyal returning customer.

Partnership powerhouse: Forget going it alone. Learn how to build strategic alliances with affiliates and creators who amplify your message and take your marketing to the next level.

After-Party included: Network like a pro at the after-party. Mingle with your fellow marketers, share stories, and shape the future of the industry together.

PMW Unlocked isn't just an event, it's an investment in your future. It's the difference between playing it safe and dominating the marketing game in 2024.

  • Brands can attend for FREE ticket 
  • Agencies and martech companies can buy tickets (we have a 20% off discount as a partner that you can claim at checkout with Discount code SPONSF1393). 

Click here to purchase tickets and you’ll 

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