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13 October 2022

Interactive Advertising Association IAB Baltics Launches in the Baltics

The leading digital advertising and marketing companies in the Baltics have joined together to launch a unique industry association - The Interactive Advertising Bureau Baltics (IAB Baltics). IAB Baltics aims to bring together the leading players of digital media and advertising industries in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania to represent their interests, conduct cutting-edge marketing and media research, promote employee education, and exchange experience.

IAB is an industry-recognised global association of digital advertising players, operating in dozens of countries with more than 700 members. "The Baltic States was one of the few regions not represented on the IAB European map and our market data was not analysed in the IAB global research. There is a lack of sufficient data on the size and opportunities of Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian online advertising markets. It has a negative impact on attracting global advertisers and reduces opportunities for exporting advertising services. Regular research of Baltic advertising market data will identify trends and provide a more accurate picture of the volume of interactive advertising activity," says Digna Degtjarova, Chairman of the Board of IAB Baltics.

Besides research, IAB Baltics' main tasks are to promote the industry's expansion, establish clear guidelines and quality standards for digital advertising.

"Currently, there are no uniform rules in the Baltic digital advertising market. We believe that the introduction of uniform guidelines will reduce the number of unscrupulous players, make the industry more transparent and increase the level of trust among advertisers. IAB Baltics plans to defend the interests of its members, to increase the value of the industry to legislators and policymakers. We are here as a trusted source for our members, the industry, advertisers and authorities to help simplify and explain the complex world of digital advertising," says D. Degtjarova.

Another key focus of IAB Baltics is on educating market players, offering digital advertising education to agencies and media as well as advertisers. This will help to use the funds invested in advertising more efficiently and increase the competitiveness of the Baltic advertising market in the global environment. The IAB's unified standards and certification system are recognised in the USA, Canada, Europe, and other regions, and the association will offer market-relevant knowledge to industry professionals and students alike.

The organisation was initiated by leading players in the digital advertising market, including Httpool, Google, Ekspress Grupp, digital advertising experts Digital Matter, on-demand printing and warehousing company Printful, Digital innovation bureau Quantitas, advertising agency Frank by Inspired, and media TVNET GRUPA. The organisation is encouraging other members to join.

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