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08 July 2021

IAB Europe's Digital Audio Day - H1 2021 Wrap-Up

On 6th July, IAB Europe hosted its first Digital Audio Day of 2021.

The event brought together the shapers, creators, and noisemakers of digital audio advertising to discuss everything you need to know about this channel!

Through a series of panel discussions and keynote speeches, we discussed all things audio from the audio landscape and programmatic audio, right through to audio measurement, standards, and podcast trends.

In this post, you'll find an overview of each of the sessions covered, as well as the video recordings from each of the sessions for you to view in your own time.

Watch the full event recording here.

Opening Keynote: The Audio Landscape in 2021 and Beyond - Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist, IAB Europe.

In this opening keynote presentation, Daniel Knapp focused on the recently released AdEx 2020 Report to share what the audio landscape in Europe looks like in 2021 and beyond.

Watch the session recording here.

Panel 1: The Audio Landscape 

Following on from Daniel’s presentation, this panel discussed how the audio market has evolved over the last year, highlighting the latest investment figures and developments in the market. They shared their thoughts on what this means going forward to help scale the audio advertising opportunity.

The panel was moderated by Catherine Cribbin, Member Services Manager, IAB UK, who was joined by:

  • Andre Charles-Foster, Product & Innovation Manager, Xaxis
  • David Goddard, Senior Director, Business Development for EMEA, DoubleVerify
  • Diana Romero, Digital Standards and Partnerships, Publicis Media
  • Jan Kumlin, Director, Digital Advertising Technology, Bauer Media Audio

Watch the session recording here. 

Keynote: Measuring the Audio Moment - Moomal Shaikh, Senior Product Manager, Oracle Advertising

Audio is on the rise (ask yourself- how many podcasts are recommended to you on a weekly basis?) but there’s still work to be done to measure IVT, brand safety, and overall performance on audio channels. In this keynote we heard Moomal Shaikh break down the state of audio measurement today, and where it’s going.

Watch the session recording here. 

Keynote: Unleashing the Value of Programmatic Audio – Benjamin Masse, Global Managing Director, Strategy & Market Development, Triton Digital  

Online audio is blossoming around the world through a wealth of new content, new formats, and new experiences.  In this educational and thought-provoking session, Triton Digital’s Benjamin Masse presented both strategy and best practices for the programmatic monetisation of online audio. From trends across Europe and as compared to the rest of the world, this session provided helpful information on how best to optimise yield, and keep audio inventory in the spotlight in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Watch the session recording here.

Keynote: Great Talkers. Even Better Listeners – Lee Thompson, Strategy Director, AudioOne

In his talk, Lee explored Irish people’s relationship with digital audio. Based on findings from the most recent wave of IAB Ireland’s Digital Audio Consumption & Behaviour research he lifted the lid on the love affair with Audio and explained how, in the space of a few short years, digital audio has become a media planning favourite.

Watch the session recording here. 

Keynote: Top 10 Podcast Trends in 10 Minutes – Adam Bowie, Business Development Manager, BBC World Service 

Everything you need to know about the fast-moving podcast marketplace, examining the latest trends and numbers. This session challenged some preconceptions and provided insight and background into a continually evolving digital audio space, including the impact of social audio, subscriptions, and exclusivity.

Watch the session recording here.

Keynote: Update on Digital Audio Global Technology Standards – Where We Stand, and Where We Go – Oliver von Wersch, Founder & CEO, vonwerchpartner, consulting for IAB Tech Lab 

The presentation gave an overview of the current state of IAB Tech Lab’s Digital Audio Standards, and provided insights into planned developments in 2021.

Watch the session recording here. 

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