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27 August 2020

Interested in Audio? Get Involved With The New Buyers Guide to Digital Audio

At the beginning of the year, IAB Europe’s Brand Advertising Committee launched a new Taskforce - The Channels & Formats Taskforce. The aim of the Taskforce is to increase awareness and drive investment in emerging and established digital advertising channels and formats by providing best practices and guidance

Following on from the release of the Buyers Guide to Connected TV, the Taskforce is now working on a new guide for buyers and planners of digital audio advertising, due to be released in mid-October.

Digital Audio advertising is experiencing strong growth in Europe (41% YoY 2018-2019 - IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark 2019 Report) and the Task Force wants to ensure that buyers are well equipped to take advantage of this emerging and engaging channel.

The Guide will provide harmonised definitions for digital audio in Europe, an overview of the evolution of audio advertising and the landscape in Europe, as well as key considerations and best practices for digital audio campaigns. The Guide will ensure that buyers of traditional audio and buyers of digital advertising have the necessary knowledge to implement effective digital audio advertising campaigns.

If your company is involved in digital audio advertising and you would like to get involved with the Guide, please contact Helen Mussard (

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