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02 October 2017

IAB Europe Webinar: Data-Driven Advertising - Europe Online: An Experience Driven by Advertising

Thursday, 12th October 4pm CEST / 3pm BST


Join this webinar to gain insight into the results of one of the studies commissioned by IAB Europe to explore data-driven advertising's contribution to the European Union, entitled “Europe Online: An Experience Driven by Advertising”. 


Register HERE.
The research company GfK conducted online surveys with over 11,000 internet users across 11 EU countries, including a balance of Eastern and Western markets with a range of income levels and stages of economic maturity. They explored the types of content consumers access online, their attitudes to data-driven advertising, and their willingness to pay for content as an alternative to advertising.
The study was unveiled in the context of the proposed ePrivacy Regulation, which in its current form would restrict data-driven advertising and have serious and unintended consequences for the EU economy, and for Europe’s independent media. Above all, the proposal is likely to have impact for the accessibility of the internet itself, critically affecting European interest users for whom internet has become an integral part of their lives, with 97% using internet daily and 92% claiming they would significantly reduce their internet use if asked to pay for content.
Gonzalo Zavala, Associate Director at GfK (pictured below), will present the report’s findings. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.

Gonzalo Zavala, Associate Director, GfK

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