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27 November 2020

IAB Europe Virtual Programmatic Day H2 2020 - SSP Data Best Practices Wrap-Up

IAB Europe’s second Virtual Programmatic Day of 2020 took place on the 19th of November and what an insightful day it was. Featuring speakers from IAB Europe member companies and advertisers including DoubleVerify, IPONWEB, Pubmatic, Yieldbird, and more, the event was split into panel sessions to address and debate the hottest industry topics. From the post-third-party cookie to data management best practices for SSPs, no programmatic stone was left unturned. 

SSP Data Best Practices
The fourth panel of the event discussed data management best practices for SSPs, to increase transparency, trust, and solve unnecessary trading and information sharing complexities within the ecosystem. It looked into how publishers can reap the benefits of data in programmatic, and how working with SSPs can help them to maximise control of programmatic, and shape their future. 

Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist, IAB Europe moderated the panel and was joined by:

  • Mark Bausinger – Director, Publisher Business Development, DoubleVerify
  • Izabela Widawska – Senior Ad Ops Analyst, Yieldbird
  • Shane Shevlin – SVP Strategic Development, IPONWEB
  • Jacqueline Boakye – Regional VP, Customer Success EMEA, PubMatic

Event recording
Watch the session recording here

Audience Poll
At the end of the session, we asked our audience whether or not they agree that SSPs should standardise taxonomies and data to help publishers on the open internet. The vast majority of the audience (62%) agreed yes, that this was very much needed. This was followed by 37% that felt it was needed to some extent. Only 1% didn’t agree. 

Key Takeaways

  • Programmatic trading on the open web is complex in both how it has evolved and in the fragmented nature of the supply that enables publishers to try and reach desired audiences. On the other hand, the open standards afford publishers the tools our industry needs for transparency. And this transparency is getting better. 
  • What’s made programmatic difficult for publishers is that as an industry we have been relatively siloed. There are always new challenges to face but good initiatives like ads.txt have helped bring some level of cohesion to the fore, encouraging the industry to work together to help solve challenges for publishers.  
  • With SPO gaining traction publishers can do a number of things to optimise the demand and orchestrate their SSPs in a more dynamic way. They can understand where the demand is coming from and can construct mapping as a key first step to Demand Path Optimisation. Constructing mapping gives publishers the insight they need into where the value is coming from. 
  • When it comes to reporting there is a high degree of fragmentation being seen, where different taxonomises are being used by a variety of SSPs. In terms of how intermediaries can work together to enable publishers to see data holistically, we need to standardise the language being used and ensure, as an industry, that data isn’t misinterpreted. Publishers also need to input their own knowledge into the prorgammatic space, to ensure they are getting what they need out of SSPs.    

For more information on Demand Path Optimisation (DPO) for publishers, check out our Guide to Supply Path Optimisation.


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