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IAB Europe Guide To Supply Path Optimisation (SPO)

The increased sophistication of the programmatic ecosystem, with the introduction of new supply paths such as Header bidder, has led to a loss of transparency and increased opacity for advertisers and agencies, specifically related to the fees charged by intermediaries. This is where SPO offers critical help, allowing buyers to hone in on the buying paths that are low cost, transparent, and high quality. With 87% of brands, agencies and demand side platforms (DSPs) actively implementing SPO, citing brand safety, reduced fraud and improved KPIs as the main benefits, this guide is a call to action for all stakeholders to adopt SPO as one of their core business functions. 

The aim of this guide is to educate all stakeholders on the importance of a good SPO strategy and implementation.

The guide will take the reader through the need and the basics of SPO and aid them to dig deep into the weeds, ask questions, demand data and challenge assumptions. It includes practical steps on how to start your SPO journey, adding extra checks for those already on the path. 

The guide also features an overview on Demand Path Optimisation (DPO) for publishers. As explained in the guide, DPO enables publishers to understand how their inventory is being bought and by whom, providing publishers with more transparency into their relationship and revenue split with supply side platforms (SSP). Through the practice of DPO, publishers can then gain valuable footholds in negotiating better terms with buy-side platforms.

Members of IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee came together to write the guide. Contributors from Adform, Bloomberg Media, DoubleVerify, Magnite, Index Exchange, PubMatic, SpotX, Verizon Media, Vodafone, Xandr, Xaxis and Yieldbird share their expertise on what SPO enables, demystify common misconceptions, highlight the importance of SPO for the different stakeholder groups, and provide a step by step guide on how to start and implement SPO.

Thank you to the following people who contributed to the content for the guide:

  • Jurjen de Wal, Senior Product Director, Global Partnerships & Integrations, Adform
  • Simon Baker, Head of Programmatic EMEA, Bloomberg Media Group
  • Mark Bausinger, Director, Publisher Business Development, DoubleVerify
  • David Goddard, Senior Director, Business Development, EMEA, DoubleVerify
  • Richard Nicolson, Head of EMEA Marketplace Development, Index Exchange
  • Steve Wing, Managing Director EMEA, Magnite
  • Eric Terrones: Director, Product Marketing, MediaMath
  • Vignesh Narayanan: Senior Director Media Partnerships, MediaMath
  • Lisa Kalyuzhny, Senior Director, Advertiser Solutions EMEA, PubMatic
  • Maria Shcheglakova, Marketing Director EMEA, PubMatic
  • Daniel Wohlfart, Strategic Product Lead EMEA, SpotX.
  • Graeme Lynch, VP, Demand Facilitation, SpotX
  • Alice Beecroft, Senior Director, Global Business Strategy, Verizon Media
  • Carlotta Meneghini, Digital Marketing Manager and Programmatic Lead, Vodafone Italy
  • Michael Simpkins, Commercial Director, Marketplace Northern Europe, Xandr
  • Gabrielle Le Toux, Senior Marketing Manager Xandr
  • Emanuela Recalcati, Director, Client Solutions EMEA, Xaxis
  • Szymon Pruszyński, Head of Growth, Yieldbird

View and download the guide here – IAB Europe Guide to SPO Sept 2020

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