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27 November 2020

IAB Europe Virtual Programmatic Day H2 2020 - Programmatic Advertising Beyond Third-Party Cookies Wrap-Up

IAB Europe’s second Virtual Programmatic Day of 2020 took place on the 19th of November and what an insightful day it was. Featuring speakers from IAB Europe member companies and advertisers including AdForm, CNN International, IAS, IndexExchange, Magnite, MediaMath, and more, the event was split into panel sessions to address and debate the hottest industry topics. From the programmatic landscape to the post third-party cookie, no stone was left unturned. 

Programmatic Advertising Beyond Third-Party Cookies
The second panel of the event explored the status of different solutions and industry initiatives to ensure our industry can continue to deliver privacy-first relevant ad experiences, in a post-third-party cookie world. 

Sara Vincent, Senior Director, Strategic Partner Development, Index Exchange moderated the panel and was joined by:

  • Akshay Bhattacharjee, Programmatic Solutions Specialist for the Nordics & CEE Region, IAS
  • Ben Hancock, Global Head of Programmatic Trading, CNN International 
  • Jakob Bak, Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer, Adform
  • Viktor Zawadzki, General Manager EMEA and APAC, MediaMath 
  • Tom Kershaw, Chief Technology Officer, Magnite

Event recording
Watch the session recording here

Audience Poll
We ran a poll at the end of the session to ask our audience what they think the depletion of the third-party cookie actually means for programmatic buying and selling. The vast majority (45%) felt they would see some decreases in programmatic. This was followed closely by no change at 29%.13% felt it would show some increase in programmatic, 9% said it would see a large decrease, and finally, 4% said they felt it would see a large increase. 

Key Takeaways

  • The most important thing is to create a collaboration of standards. We have a limited amount of time to come up with an approach and to think about how we explain it to users. We have never renewed the dialogue with consumers about the internet, and the only way to explain it to them is to do it together in a standard way. 
  • Everything comes back to the consumer and what kind of transparency they want over how their data is being stored and used. There is the potential to turn back to contextual targeting as an easy and more meaningful way to deliver scale and create a connection with audiences. 
  • Context will play a big part in how we solve the problems of a post-third-party cookie world. Publishers’ first-party data and first-party IDs will also be key to solving this. 
  • We need to work together to make the ecosystem more addressable and accountable and to ensure there is an understanding of the whole supply chain. 

To find out more about the impact of the post-third-party cookie era on our industry and the solutions that are being developed, check out IAB Europe’s Guide to Post-Third-Party Cookies here. 

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