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27 November 2020

IAB Europe Virtual Programmatic Day H2 2020 - Delivering Powerful Creatives with Programmatic Advertising Wrap-Up

IAB Europe’s second Virtual Programmatic Day of 2020 took place on the 19th of November and what an insightful day it was. Featuring speakers from IAB Europe member companies and advertisers including Mediacom, Microsoft, Pubmatic, Spotify, Triton Digital, Xaxis, and more, the event was split into panel sessions to address and debate the hottest industry topics. From the programmatic landscape to delivering powerful creatives, no programmatic stone was left unturned. 

Delivering Powerful Creatives with Programmatic Advertising
The final panel of the event discussed how in a world where advertisers are fighting for consumer’s attention, innovation, technology, and data delivered programmatically can help to power creatives that resonate with audiences. 

Lisa Kalyuzhny, Senior Director, Advertiser Solutions, PubMatic moderated the panel and was joined by:

  • Johnny Won, Global Ad Tech Director, MediaCom
  • Cecile Blanc, Senior Director, Global Solutions and Innovation, Xaxis
  • Anne Bouttier, Automation Manager, EMEA, Spotify
  • Benjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy, Triton Digital
  • Kelly Davidson, Director, Global Partnerships, Microsoft

Event recording
Watch the session recording here

Key Takeaways

  • Dynamic creative offers triggers that allow for a customised and tailored experience to happen in advertising. We are just getting started with advanced automation tools like this, and it’s an exciting time for creativity in the programmatic space. 
  • In terms of best practices, there are a lot of tools available to deliver creatives programmatically. But we must remember that we still need to bring creativity to the message that we want to deliver, and not rely on automation too heavily in this process. We must see programmatic as an enhancer of creativity, where we can use data, precision, and efficiency to take it to the next level. 
  • When thinking about the role of technology in creativity, it’s going to continue to evolve and enable us to get even more creative with the relevancy of the ad experience. We can add layers of creativity starting with the core ID, and then play with additional elements to create depth to strategies. We can also look to measurement, using real-time data to assess the performance of the creative, to adapt the strategy accordingly.    
  • In regards to what is in store for the future of programmatic creativity, it’s going to be about making ads work better for people. Creatives will work harder to reach outcomes beyond clicks. We will also see steady growth in tech adoption, where more capabilities in the creative programmatic space will be leveraged, including AI and machine learning.  

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