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08 October 2020

IAB Europe Virtual CTV Event: Wrap-up 


On 6th October 2020, IAB Europe hosted its first Virtual CTV Event.

Following the release of our Buyer’s Guide to CTV, the event was created to further explore this emerging digital advertising channel, and with 350 attendees was a huge success. Featuring a series of panel discussions and market deep dives from IAB Europe and IAB Europe member companies, the event uncovered the real challenges faced by the ecosystem, and the key opportunities available for CTV.  A big thank you to our partners Magnite and OneTrust for helping to make this event possible!

In this post, you will find an overview of each of the sessions covered, as well as video recordings for you to view in your own time. Enjoy!

Watch the full event recording here

Opening Keynote: Making a Market: The CTV Advertising Opportunity in Europe 

Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist, IAB Europe

“The potential for a mass market is here, but it’s up to us as an industry to make this happen”

The first session of the event gave an overview of the potential available for CTV advertising in Europe. 

It explored how the European TV market, consumer trends, and the impact of the global pandemic have shifted advertising towards a digital-first world, creating a significant opportunity for CTV.  We know from our latest programmatic advertising research that CTV is a main area of growth - 70% of advertisers and 61% of agencies think CTV will be one of the key programmatic growth areas over the next 12 months. But there are still barriers that we, as an industry, need to overcome in order to unlock its full potential. This session highlighted just that.

Find out more. Watch the session recording here  

Panel 1: The Connected TV Landscape and the Opportunity in Europe

The first panel session of the event addressed the fragmented landscape of CTV trading. Turning to our panel of industry experts it explored the key challenges that both buyers and publishers face in greater depth and highlighted the main areas of opportunity available for CTV in Europe. 

Louise Dixon, Strategic Partner Lead, Google moderated the panel and was joined by:

Jenny Antoniou - Account Director Seller, CTV, EMEA, Magnite

Chris Edwards - Director, Business Development, EMEA, Rakuten Advertising

Jaden Grant - Solutions Consultant, IPONWEB

Graeme Lynch - VP Demand, EMEA, SpotX

Emma Newman - Chief Revenue Office, EMEA, Pubmatic 

Watch the session recording here

Key takeaways:

  • There is a historic shift in how content is being consumed. Budgets are shifting as audiences move to new ways of viewing. 
  • Education is imperative within agencies. Understanding the potential of CTV, how it can be executed, and how CTV and linear TV can work together is important. 
  • We must challenge that CTV is just for millennials. It needs to be seen as the norm for all age groups. 

Audience poll:

We ran an audience poll at the end of the panel to ask what the main barrier to CTV becoming mainstream was. The majority of the audience felt a fragmented market was the biggest restriction to success (36%). Whilst two-quarters of the audience felt it was hard to measure (26%) and that there wasn’t enough scale (26%). 13% saw targeting restrictions as the biggest barrier. 

Panel 2: Connected TV in Practice - Viewership and Scale

The second panel session of the event took us back to basics to discuss CTV in practice. Focusing on viewership and scale, the panel discussed how to reach a large audience, and how to know you are reaching the right audience.

Stephane Bismuth, Co-Founder, Viznet.TV moderated the panel and was joined by:

Martin O’Boyle, Managing Director Partnerships, Publicis Media

Austin Scott, head of Video Market Development, EMEA, Xandr

Julie Selman, Senior Director and Head of Demand Strategy UK and Northern Europe, Freewheel

Watch the session recording here 

Key takeaways:

  • CTV sits as the intersection between traditional TV and the digital ecosystem. It promises to bring the benefits of digital,  including enhanced targeting, addressability, and automated buying, to the linear TV experience. Something that is traditionally very important for advertisers. 
  • Targeting and data for CTV are currently in basic infancy. By working with the different data sets that are available and partners to deliver more robust data, we have the opportunity to make targeting on CTV even better. 
  • CTV scale is expected to increase rapidly in the future. 

Panel 3: Connected TV in Practice - Targeting and Measurement

The third panel session of the event unpacked some of the challenges and solutions to CTV targeting and measurement. It’s not possible to just copy digital tactics and apply them to CTV, so our panel of measurement experts shared their guidance and best practices on CTV measurement and campaign performance.  

Noemi Mckee, VP Client Success, Mediamath moderated this panel and was joined by:

Sarah Cannerday, Senior Business Development Director, Integral Ad Science

George Head, Head of Sellside Client Development, EMEA, Oracle

Carol Hinnaut, Chief Revenue Officer, Comscore

John Ross, Associate Director of CTV Products, DoubleVerify

Kristanne Roberts, Global Development Directore, Kantar Insights Division

Watch the panel session here 

Key takeaways:

  • The fragmentation of the CTV market is mirrored in measurement. In order to achieve standardisation we need to work together as an industry to establish best practices and verify measurement. 
  • There is still a lack of transparency in the market over whether an ad has been seen, or if it has been delivered in the right context. In order to determine the effectiveness of CTV campaigns, we need to consider this and evaluate what the advertiser is trying to achieve. We should then offer relevant measurement options to achieve these KPIs. 
  • In-valid traffic is an issue when it comes to CTV. As an advertiser, knowing where you are buying is key. Combining technology with human judgment will be vital to overcoming this.

Audience Poll

We ran a poll at the end of the panel to ask what metric was most used to measure CTV campaign effectiveness. Reach saw the largest response from our audience as the most-used metric (41%). 

Panel 4: Privacy Focused Connected TV

The final panel of the day turned to our privacy experts who discussed the latest regulatory changes and how they apply to CTV. They looked at what the demise of the third-party cookie means for CTV and how the Transparency and Consent Framework works for the CTV industry.  

Ninon Vagner, Pricacy and Compliance Manager, IAB Europe moderated the panel and was joined by:

Aruna Sharma, Group-VP, Lead Counsel Global Privacy & Tech, DPO, Xandr 

Alex Cone, Senior Director, Product Management, IAB TechLab

Zachary Faruque, Marketing Solutions Engineer, OneTrust Preference Choice

James Prudhomme, Executive VP International, Index Exchange

Watch the panel session here

Key takeaways:

  • From an AdTech perspective, the notion of identifying users across multiple devices and being able to track consent is key. This level of accessibility and transparency needs to be created in CTV. 
  • The path forward to overcoming the complexities of consent in CTV is to have a standardised approach across the industry, on all technology and all devices. The Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) is a good example of this in practice but we need to work together to ensure consistency in CTV. 

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