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27 May 2021

IAB Europe & TikTok Release A Buyer’s Guide to Creator Marketing

Since the emergence of commerce, advertisers have harnessed the power of influence to persuade consumers to follow their brand and purchase its products. From producing a recognisable brand identity that promotes consistency, to creating memorable ads that spark action and even leveraging social proof, they have long utilised influencing techniques as tools for advertising success.  

Advertisers have always understood the value of these tools to connect with audiences and to build long-term loyalty and trust. But thanks to multiple digital advances, the rise of social media, and the unprecedented speed at which they are being adopted, these traditional advertising methods are now entering the mainstream to sit in whole new categories of their own. Categories that are shaping the face and future of marketing as we know it.

A decade ago, the term “Influencer Marketing” didn’t exist. We may have looked to celebrity endorsement to sway our purchasing decisions, but we weren’t consumed by being online, spending on average two hours a day on our mobile devices, and scrolling addictively through social media. Yet today, online influencers are integral to the marketing mix. Born out of our need for social interaction, they have the power to affect purchasing decisions because of their authority and the relationships they have built with audiences online. They also have strong followings in niche areas that enable close consumer connections. No surprise then, that the influencing industry is booming, with brands set to spend $15billion globally on influencer marketing by 2022. 

So, how has the rise of influencer marketing opened the opportunity for creators? What does the evolution of creator marketing look like? And how can advertisers use these new tools to engage with audiences?

IAB Europe in collaboration with TikTok has released a new guide to answer all these questions and more. It helps advertisers understand the opportunities that this new world of creator marketing brings. It provides definitions for creators and an overview of the landscape in Europe. It also offers a step-by-step guide and best practices for creator marketing campaigns to ensure they are optimised for success. 

As we make our way through 2021, and reflect back on everything that happened in 2020, it is safe to say that authenticity and community are now more important to us than ever before. Whilst influencer marketing will remain one of the most important strategies for brands to master in the coming decade, it is the power of influence and the sense of belonging instilled in the Creator Marketing world that brands will look to for creating a truly impactful relationship with new and existing audiences.. 

This guide draws on some of the key considerations for advertisers to understand and undertake Creator Marketing in brand campaigns, and to leverage the opportunity that this new category brings. Now is the time for Creator Marketing to thrive, and it will be exciting to see how this will continue to evolve across 2021 and beyond. Going forward, Creator Marketing will enable brands to not only help create more meaningful connections with consumers but add real value through engaging and innovative content.

Access the guide here.

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