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11 February 2015

IAB Europe publishes Viewable Impressions White Paper

IAB Europe has published a White Paper on viewable impressions today as an important step in its strategy to drive brand investment into digital advertising.

IAB Europe has published a White Paper on viewable impressions today as an important step in its strategy to drive brand investment into digital advertising.

Brand advertisers state preference for viewable impressions

IAB Europe identified viewability as a metric of importance to brand advertisers. Indeed our recent Metrics and KPIs surveyrevealed that 84% of brand advertisers stated that they want to see a move towards viewable impressions rather than served impressions (see results here).

The trading of viewable impresssions manifests itself differently across European markets of varied characteristics and levels of digital development. This White Paper will help to  deliver insight on market development and educate and foster confidence in this specific aspect of digital advertising trading.

What will you find in the  Viewable Impressions White Paper?

The IAB Europe White Paper on viewable impressions provides:

  • an overview of the current status of viewable impressions across Europe
  • the position of viewable impressions within the context of the wider metrics portfolio
  • perspectives from different stakeholders groups within the digital advertising ecosystem
  • key definitions and terms
  • a list of technical and commercial considerations for trading
  • other quality considerations

 “IAB Europe’s White Paper is an important step in increasing the understanding of viewable impressions and how they fit into the overall metrics landscape,” said Bjorn Kaspring, BVDW / IAB Germany member and Head of Premium Display, Interactive MediaClarifying definitions and terms is important to bolster digital advertising investment from brand advertisers.”

 We would like to thank the leading industry experts that have contributed to this White Paper :

AppNexus, BVDW / IAB Germany, comScore, Danske Medier/ IAB Denmark, EACA, GroupM, IAB Europe, IAB Finland, IAB France, IAB Hungary, IAB Italy, IAB Netherlands, IAB Poland, IAB Spain, IAB Sweden, IAB UK, Infectious Media, Integral Ad Science, Meetrics, Microsoft Advertising, Xaxis.

A groundwork for further reflection

The White Paper is part of the Metrics and KPIs pillar of IAB Europe’s Brand Advertising Framework and lays the groundwork for further reflection on recommendations for the European industry.

IAB Europe’s next steps are to further consult with the local IABs, measurement organisations and suppliers on the findings of this White Paper.

We will also expand our focus on quality – both of delivery of digital advertising and of the digital advertising environment - during 2015.

“Whilst digital ad spend has grown four-fold since IAB Europe started its AdEx Benchmark report in 2006 there are still several commonly acknowledged challenges which hold back further growth and measurement is one of these” said Karim Attia, Chairman of the IAB Europe Brand Advertising Committee and CEO,  “This White Paper aims to address the area of viewable impressions measurement specifically and will be followed with market consultations. During the year other initiatives such as the IAB Europe Measurement Blueprint and wider Quality topics including environment and delivery will be developed within the Brand Advertising Committee.”

Viewable Impressions Webinar

The White Paper has been officially launched with a Webinar on 11th February. To watch the recording please click here.

The Webinar featured the following speakers: Anant Joshi, Director of International Business, Meetrics; Tim Jones, Europe Research Manager, Microsoft; Jon Chase, Chairman Media Agencies Council, European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA); Steve Chester, Director of Data and Industry Programmes, IAB UK; Emese Balatoni, Head of Sales – Digital Services, Central Media Group and IAB Hungary member and Stuart Wilkinson, Head of Industry Relations EMEA, comScore.

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