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03 November 2017

Member blog: Sublime Skinz - Planning for prosperity: join the IAB Europe Virtual Programmatic Day on 9th November

Planning for prosperity: join the IAB Europe Virtual Programmatic Day on 9th November

The story of programmatic is one of phenomenal growth. At dmexco, the IAB Europe launched its report revealing that more than half (50.1%) of European display ad spend is now traded programmatically, with areas such as mobile and video proving especially fruitful, responsible for €3.5bn and €1.37bn in revenue respectively.

But instead of becoming complacent about programmatic’s ongoing success, it is important for the industry to take a moment to understand what’s driving prosperity, and to innovate ways of overcoming the barriers to growth that lay ahead.

This is why events such as the IAB Europe’s Virtual Programmatic Day (to be held on 9th November 2017) are more relevant than ever. Bringing together some of the industry’s leading forces, including MediaCom, Nestle, BBC Worldwide, Teads, Oath and Sublime Skinz, the accessible online webinar will continue the IAB’s vital mission of sharing relevant expertise across the entire programmatic space.

Simon Halstead, Chair IAB Europe Programmatic Trading Committee and Head of Open Demand International, Oath saidI am really excited to launch the first IAB Europe Virtual Programmatic Day, addressing the key industry challenges and opportunities with a broad range of stakeholders who participate in IAB Europe to drive the industry forward. Increasing education and awareness is one of the committee’s key aims, and the time and support of members is amazing."

Members know that an important part of the IAB Europe’s role is to increase trust and transparency in the programmatic market. Sublime Skinz has long recognised the significance of this work, supporting it by contributing to IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee. And in 2017, these aims became the industry’s biggest buzzwords, as big brand ads appeared alongside extremist user generated content and fuelled a national debate.

It’s therefore timely that during the Virtual Programmatic Day, Ryan Cook, Director Global Programmatic Demand at Teads will explain why transparency is now at the top of the industry’s agenda, and share the questions every organisation in the programmatic ecosystem must now ask itself. David Goddard, Global Head of Programmatic Trading will follow Ryan to deliver unique insight from IAB Europe, from its latest Attitudes to Programmatic Advertising research.

Looking ahead to 2018, one of the other major challenges the industry faces will be the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). No matter what part of the ecosystem they reside in, every programmatic player will need to gain control over consumer data. The objective will be to ensure clear consent has been given for each individual usage – meaning cooperation will be required both upstream and downstream. For its Virtual Programmatic Day, IAB Europe has brought together leaders from SpotX, Affiperf (HAVAS Group), Carat, and Adobe, alongside Andrew Buckman, Managing Director EMEA of Sublime Skinz in a panel to discuss what’s next for programmatic in Europe, including data strategy alongside exciting developments such as connected TV and voice advertising.

Andrew Buckman also has the privilege of taking to the stage solo to share his knowledge on mobile, which the IAB Europe describes as the ‘most’ programmatic format, with 65% of mobile ad spend traded programmatically in 2016. He’ll offer advice on creating a mobile growth curve within individual organisations, by explaining how to maximise a programmatic mobile strategy that takes advantage of new formats. With mobile increasing in importance, as almost a third of advertisers are now investing to reach these audiences, Andrew’s seminar comes at a crucial time.

As these salient issues are set to top the agenda next year, the IAB Europe Virtual Programmatic Day is shaping up to be one of the most thought-provoking programmatic events on the calendar. As few members will want to miss out on this must-attend event, IAB Europe is broadcasting it online, making it a convenient way to develop your knowledge, without the task of leaving your desk at such a busy time of year.

To ensure you’re poised for growth, and the challenges ahead, join in the conversation on 9th November by registering for the Virtual Programmatic Day here.

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