Interactive Advertising Bureau
16 November 2016

comScore and Hearst: Activating inventory to unlock revenue

In today’s constantly-growing digital space, effective inventory monetization can be a substantial challenge for digital publishers. While advertisers are willing to pay a premium for hypertargeted, custom ad packages, creating these refined segments can be a costly and time-consuming process - leaving publishers with holes of unmonitized content.

In this case study, learn how comScore Activation provided Hearst with an automated solution for the scalable creation of custom packages, resulting in significant benefits:

  • Creating 10x the scale for sponsorship content
  • Doubling the CPM for highly-targeted ad segments
  • Enabling efficient creation of custom packages for maximum inventory monetization
  • Improving relationships with clients by creating advertising segments uniquely aligned with advertiser goals

Download the case study now to learn how Hearst unlocked revenue and improved inventory packaging through comScore Activation.

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