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07 February 2024

Become a Fountain of Knowledge: Explore Our New Resource Hubs Today!

Ever wanted to find a certain resource on a specific industry topic but haven’t known where to start? Look no further. We are pleased to share that our Knowledge Hub has expanded to reveal three new specialist Resource Hubs, allowing you to access all the expertise and insights that you need to know on some of the industry’s key topics. 

Dive into our new Hubs and equip yourself with the latest information, insights, and key resources on the following topics:

Retail Media Hub

Our Retail Media Hub showcases the rapidly growing Retail Media ecosystem. The Hub features the latest insights, definitions, and resources created in collaboration with our members.

Sustainability Hub   

Our Sustainability Hub features the work of IAB Europe, created in collaboration with National Federations and our members, to showcase what we are doing and the steps we are taking to support and achieve sustainability in digital advertising.

Post Third-Party Cookie Hub 

A dedicated hub strategically tailored to address the imminent depletion of third-party cookies.  The curated resources provided within this hub are geared towards sharing practical, solution-oriented guidance to prepare for a post third-party cookie era.

From educational tools to definitions, research, and the latest news and stats, we will continue to share and update these Hubs to provide you with all the quick-access information you need to stay educated, informed, and ahead of the game. 

What’s more, you can still access our central Knowledge Hub for all of the latest research, reports, and market insights from us and our members. So whatever you need to know more about, we have the resources at hand to help.

Keep your eyes peeled for more Resource Hubs coming soon.

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