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09 June 2020

What the IAB Europe TCF V2.0 means for you: Q&A with Ogury

Author: Sarah Jones - Global Director of Product Marketing at Ogury

For any organization managing user consent and preferences, monitoring the progress of the IAB’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) is vital. And the release of the TCF V2.0 this summer is no exception.

Launched into Beta on April 30th, publishers have until August 15th to update to the latest version, before the Global Vendor List and consent strings passed via TCF V1.1 are no longer supported. But upgrading is a technical and legal headache, and with global regulations getting stricter, publishers are starting to realize the ongoing complexity of managing compliance. Yet it doesn’t need to be this way.

In this Q&A with Sarah Jones, Global Director of Product Marketing at Ogury - the creator of the first mobile advertising engine driven by user choice - you will discover what the TCF V2.0 means for you, and how you can benefit from transitioning to the latest framework.

Why did you join the Transparency and Consent Framework?

Since founding in 2014 - long before GDPR came into force - we’ve held the belief that integrity is the future of advertising, and consumers should have full control over their data and advertising experience.

With the GDPR and new global privacy laws into force, compliance is not only necessary to avoid financial and reputational risk. Operating with transparency over data privacy and explicit consent is also foundational to earning users’ trust. The IAB TCF embodies this.

The TCF helps to create a compliant, trusted digital advertising ecosystem where publishers can tell users what data is being collected and how their website or app and the companies they partner with intend to use it. And this is why we joined.

What added benefits do you believe the TCF V2.0 provides?

Version 2.0 of the TCF seeks to provide both users and publishers with greater transparency and control. Under TCF V2.0 not only can the user give or withhold consent but they can also exercise their ‘right to object’ to data being processed on the basis of legitimate interest. It also enables greater transparency for the user, through more detailed descriptions of the purposes of data processing.
TCF V2.0 is also getting stricter when it comes to consent notice UI requirements. A much-needed change.

How can publishers transition to the new framework quickly and effectively?

Publishers with in-house solutions who plan to update to the new framework should be almost complete with the technical and legal work. If you’re only just starting to think about TCF V2.0, your only viable solution is to switch to a third-party CPMP provider that is TCF V2.0 certified.
In fact, even for publishers already using a third-party CPMP, this is a perfect opportunity to reassess if you’re getting what you need from your current provider. If you have been using a CPMP that met only the bare requirements of TCF V1.1, increased restrictions to your consent notice will likely cause a big drop in consent rate. It’s worth seeking a CPMP that will help you upgrade seamlessly.

What does the upgrade mean for publishers who are working with Ogury?

For Ogury Choice Manager’s clients, the impact of the upgrade will be minimal. Ogury Choice Manager’s consent notice already adheres to the tighter guidelines and has been enriched and refined over time to maximize consent rates. As a consequence, our clients will see no significant drop in consent rate when they update. Our lightweight SDK update will ensure a smooth technical transition too.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Ogury Choice Manager?

Ogury Choice Manager, is an IAB-certified Consent and Preference Management platform, that is specifically designed, built, and optimized for advertising results. TCF V2.0 certified it’s the only CPMP with over 5 years history in the market. It has been built for publishers who need to ensure compliance with user privacy and data protection laws while maximizing ad revenue. To help publishers overcome compliance challenges and to focus on growing ad revenues, Ogury is also offering exclusive access to the Premium edition of Choice Manager for free, until 2021.

Any final words of advice for publishers looking to transition over to TCF v2.0?

The IAB TCF V2.0 is a framework that has been set for the entire digital advertising industry, to ensure data compliance is met to the highest standards. If the CPMP you use is TCF V2.0 certified, adheres to these standards, and is optimized for advertising results, you have a real opportunity to establish user trust and maximize your ad revenue. It’s worth making the minimal effort needed to integrate this.

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