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28 February 2020

Time’s running out for vendors to register under TCF 2.0

On 31st March the first iteration of IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) will officially be replaced by TCF 2.0. So, if you’ve not yet registered under the new framework make the time today so you are one of the first vendors that are up and operational with the TCF v2.0 offering for publishers. 

The Transparency & Consent Framework provides the digital advertising industry with a tool and set of guidelines for complying with legal basis and transparency obligations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our latest iteration of the framework improves on the first to offer greater transparency and choice to consumers, easier management by digital properties of consent and compliance, and a path to industry-wide collaboration based on standardisation.  It is a superior product to v1.1, and has been acknowledged as such by European regulators. 

The new framework reflects deep engagement by IAB Europe publisher members during 2018 and 2019, as well as close consultation between IAB Europe and other EU-level associations representing publishers, media owners, and media agencies. The result is an inclusive, fair and consensus-based approach that will benefit industry players and consumers alike. 

Building critical mass

However, its benefits can only be realised in full if we build critical mass. That’s why it’s important for vendors to sign up as soon as possible. By 31st March, we want to be in a position to signal to publishers that a critical mass of the industry is on the new framework, so that they feel able to make the shift themselves.

Registration doesn’t mean that you need to have implemented the framework by 31st March – there’s an option on the registration system to make it clear that you intend to support TCF 2.0. We will also continue support of TCF 1.1 for the next few months - until 30 June 2020 - so that the vendor community has enough time to implement the new framework before TCF v1.1 is switched off at the end of Q2. 

If you’re a CMP, then don’t worry - your registration under the previous TCF iteration will automatically qualify as registered for the new framework. However, be aware that you will still need to complete your TCF implementation ahead of the end date of TCF 1.1 (30th June), or signals you send on behalf of your sites will not be read.

Hear from the experts

If you’re keen to register but need more information about what the process involves, then be sure to visit our webinar resources page. We have been running a series of workshops on the TCF 2.0 transition, which we have recorded and made available for anyone who’s interested.  Here, you can hear from the experts about the new framework and what it means for your organisation.

We have also prepared a short Q&A for vendors and CMPs, which contains most of what you need to know about the registration and transition deadline.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in these resources, the IAB Europe Team is always available at

The latest iteration of the TCF promises increased transparency, control and accountability for  consumers and publishers, and will bring benefits to everyone in the digital advertising market. The sooner we can get everyone up and running on the framework, the sooner these benefits can be realised. So, don’t delay – register today!



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