Teads report: The impact of premium editorial context on mobile video ad performance

Working with eye square, Teads used eye-tracking software to analyse some of the biggest mobile video formats in the market at the moment, looking at key KPI’s including brand recognition, recall, engagement and brand recognition. A short video on the methodology is available here.

The results were truly exciting – the research found that users scroll more in social feeds, but spend less time engaging in the content and that 23% of users are more likely to read content within premium articles vs. in social feeds. One of the most interesting takeaways was where eyes were on skippable pre-roll: nearly 9/10 of users viewed the skip button within skippable pre-roll, while 3 in 4 users skip these ads.

Read more about this research on the Teads website or contact insights@teads.tv for more information.

Download the report below.

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